Adlaunch Review [+GIVEAWAY] Marketing Video Maker

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Welcome back to Top Dog Apps, and today we are looking at a marketing video creator called Adlaunch. This sector of the software market has been growing rapidly, with the emphasis being on online only graphic design tools such as this. Let’s see how Adlaunch stacks up!

What is Adlaunch?

Adlaunch is another one of these online only web based video making tools aimed squarely at marketers. With the severe limitations shown below, it would appear they are focusing more on small time marketers with a few websites or products to lightly promote 🙂

In the past, if you want to make simple promotional videos, you would have to download, install and learn a video editing software. Not any more, with these online only products you are up and running in minutes.

Who is behind Adlaunch?

Adlaunch is based out of Finland, and was started in 2015. Joel Hypen is the current CEO. It is hard to find out much about them, as a lot of the information is in Finnish.

From what I can gather Joel has come from a creative background working in marketing and production companies, and must have decided to make a marketing tool of his own.

How much does Adlaunch cost?

The Adlaunch price is very low when compared to other similar tools, but the limitations of these accounts are also quite high. They need to release a higher-priced tier with fewer limitations in my opinion. The other tool I use these days literally allows me to make a hundred or so videos a month.

this is how much adlaunch costs

What are the main features of Adlaunch?

  1. 100,000 HD video clips
  2. 200 music tracks
  3. Quick and Easy Online Video Editor.
  4. Reseller rights for any video you make.

What do we like?

Good Onboarding Experience

When you first login to Adlaunch they will greet you with an excellent tutorial to take you through the main features on offer. It is short enough to keep your attention whilst still providing the essential information any new user needs.

the adlaunch onboarding process is good.

Timeline Feature

When making videos with this tool, the timeline is easy to see and work with. I like how easy it is to set up your different video elements to pop in and out of the timeline. The only downside to this feature was that it was clunky to drag elements around the timeline, something that you need to do often when making videos.

the timeline feature is great
Nice timeline, shame the chatbot got in the way 🙂

Amazing Music

I have used a lot of similar tools and often you get the feeling that you have heard the musical tracks provided before. I have even watched someone else’s marketing video and heard the same music I have used in mine 🙂

Not so with Adlaunch. They have some of the most unique music I have ever seen in a tool like this, and there are plenty of tracks to choose from. When using Adlaunch you can be sure the music in your videos will sound excellent and original.

Access to HQ Videos

As a part of my subscription, I can access a good amount of stock videos from Shutterstock. Stock videos are pretty expensive usually, so this is a great thing to have included in the price. Not sure if they can keep this up long term though 🙂

Ad Quality

Once you get the hang of this software the quality of marketing videos you can make is high. If you are making short videos for social media or social media marketing this tool would be a great fit.

What don’t we like?

Ten Downloads a Month?

Currently, on the highest plan, the most videos you can download are ten. This is a measly amount of videos even for the lightest user. Surely, they need to have a wider range of plans soon.

They talk up the ability to resell the videos made in Adlaunch, but you can’t do much selling with ten videos a month 🙂

Videos Too Short

For me personally, the limits on video length are too restrictive. I get it that they are aiming this more at social media marketing where length is not a big factor, but it would be nice to have more scope with this. Three minutes is the longest runtime you can make at the time of writing.

Lack of Templates

I have used other video making tools in their early life and have seen that they usually have way more templates on offer. I am sure Adlaunch will fix this over time, but in my opinion they shouldn’t have even released with so few templates. Of course you can still make great videos from scratch, but many people using these online only video editing tools want simple and quick solutions.

User Interface

This is a fairly new tool and I am sure they will work on this, but the look of the user interface is pretty poor to me. It looks rather old fashioned by today’s modern standards. The logo looks low quality and the colour scheme doesn’t help matters either, reminding me somewhat of an 80’s night club 🙂

the adlaunch design reminds me of the 80's

The design team in general needs to step up, just go look at their website and you will see what i mean 🙂 This is especially important when you offer a tool related to design 🙂 And I thought all Scandinavian design was clean and elegant 😉


Yes, I get it, chat bots are a great solution for customer service. However, it annoys me when they are too aggressive and keep popping up without you asking them to 🙂 The chatbot should be available when I need help but not aggressive enough to annoy me!

the adlaunch chatbot is a little annoying
Yes Joel, I hear you 🙂

The Adlaunch chat bot is not horrible, but it did send a lot of messages when I first signed up and got in the way sometimes. Not the worst I have seen, but still a little over aggressive for my liking.

Video Generation Beta

At the time of writing, Adlaunch have a beta feature to allow you to input some basic information and have a video generated for you. The problem I had is that, even after several attempts, it couldn’t generate anything vaguely useful. It had oversized and weirdly placed logos, and everything it generated didn’t match.

Adlaunch has a video generator feature

I really like the concept though, if they can get it working well it will be a killer feature for people needing to create videos quickly.

Is Adlaunch Worth it?

You can see that this review has many more negative points than positive, so you can imagine that it is not ready for my recommendation yet. However, I have faith that this could be a great tool in the future. Adlaunch has some great ideas, they just need more time to make the whole experience smoother and richer.

My current recommendation for an online video making platform for marketers would be InVideo. I have been using them for a while and they produce some awesome videos with just a few clicks. A much more mature and ready to recommend product all round. You can check inVideo out here.

How can I win a copy of Adlaunch?

Simply click the link below to be taken to the free giveaway of Adlaunch. Good luck with your entry 🙂

Finally, have you ever used Adlaunch? Do you have any opinions about the software? We would love to hear all about them in the comments section below.