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Welcome back to Top Dog Apps, and today I am going to review a tool I have been using in my business for almost a year now. That tool is called Adzoola, not to be confused with Adzooma (a totally different service that I have almost logged into by mistake way too many times!!). 

What is Adzoola?

Adzoola is a keyword research tool for YouTube. It allows you to quickly find channels and videos related to whatever topic interested you or the products you are selling.

For example, maybe I am a YouTube advertiser trying to sell my new productivity software tool online. Adzoola gives me several options. I could use Adzoola to simply find channels that are related to productivity, so that I can offer to sponsor their videos in return for a quick promotion.

Alternatively, I could use the information that Adzoola gives me to find advertisement placement opportunities on YouTube. By advertising on the videos of channels that talk about productivity, this gives a great level of targeting.

The problem with this is the fact that quick a few YouTube channels might jump around content a bit and/or might include things such as personal update videos in with their productivity based videos.

If I blanket advertise on their YouTube channel, I will end up advertising on content that is not relevant to my product. This is where the video search function comes in. With this, you can find specific videos related to productivity and use this to place advertisements on each.

I think you can see the potential of Adzoola if you are an advertiser over at YouTube.

Main Features of Adzoola

Youtube ‘Video Tools’

Adzoola refers to the tools related to YouTube as video tools. This will include the following:

Video Search– This tool allows you to search for videos on Youtube related to a keyword or keywords you type in. This will allow you to find videos you would like to put ad placement on and quickly copy across to your Youtube ad campaign.

Channel Explorer– Same as video search but for whole channels rather than single videos.

Keyword Explorer– This is currently included as a video tool, even though it incorporates options to search for Google Search too. It acts as a tool to find suggested keywords, related searches, similar keywords and the like. To be honest, I haven’t used this part of the tool much as I have other fully fledged keyword research tools that do a better job in my humble opinion!

Adzoola Review

Web Tools

Adzoola now has a web search tool, which would be used to prospect for opportunities in the Google SERPS. This is called….

Web Search– You can do a basic search to get information related to the Google search results for a keyword. Such things as the rank, language, keyword, title, page description and domain. You can also do a deep search to get additional information about what paid advertising is currently available on the site.

Why Adzoola?

With an estimated 500 hours of content uploaded every single minute to YouTube, it has become a massive opportunity for advertisers. Back in the day, how easy was it for you to put affordable adverts on decent TV channels with good reach? Not very! YouTube has changed all of that in the online world forever!!

I can say for myself personally, that I have found video ads placed on YouTube much cheaper than other options such as Facebook ads. The engagement I get on these ads is also much higher on YouTube to boot!

This is why tools like Adzoola hold such importance and value.

How Much is Adzoola?

Finding a pricing page for Adzoola was like finding one of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets (allegedly!!). I have been a member so long I don’t actually know what their pricing looks like any more!

Luckily, a quick go on their chat bot got me the answer….

For the video based tools you will pay $99 a month, and for a that also adds in their web SERP tool you will pay $149 a month.

What Do I Like about Adzoola?

Speeds Up Youtube Advertising

What Adzoola does can be done manually, but it takes up many hours of tedious work. You would essentially have to manually search YouTube for relevant channels and videos related to your niche. You would then have to watch out for adverts on these videos/ channels so you know they will accept any adverts you want to place.

When you have done all of this, you would have to manually type the channel and/or video names and titles into your YouTube ad campaigns just to top it all off.

So, although Adzoola isn’t a complex tool as such, it is one that will save you quite a lot of man hours 🙂 As a business owner, time is money right?

For me, I search by keywords related to the products I want to promote on YouTube and simply filter the results by the age of the content and the amount of views it got. Simple – Done!! Place away!!

Boost Your YouTube Ad Placements!

Not only does Adzoola make it faster to find places to put your YouTube ads, it can help you find the best performing places. This starts by finding videos with the most views but it can go so much deeper than that.

You know when you are watching a video and there are a strip of ‘Watch Next’ videos next to that video…. these are suggested videos. Adzoola lets you search for those in your topic area too, and these videos potentially have a lot more views and thus a lot more advertising potential!

Simple to Use

Although Adzoola’s user  interface isn’t exactly a work of art it does get the job done well. Everything is easy to reach and understand. Adzoola also have some good explainer tooltips and videos to help you get to grips with the software quickly as you use it.

I never once found Adzoola hard to pick up and use, making creating my YouTube projects quickly and easily.

Great for Google Advertisers

Now that they have a web search option on top of the video tools, it means you can scrape a lot of valuable information needed to advertise on Google. Whether you are placing YouTube or Google Search ads, this tool makes the whole process much easier.

What Don’t I Like about Adzoola?

Feature Stagnant

I am prepared to be corrected here, but I haven’t really noticed any changes to the Adzoola platform in the time I have used in. Certainly no new or interesting features being added. Just minor tweaks, mostly to the user interface and look of the platform.

I get it, they have a simple tool for a simple set of needs. However, I would still like to see a bit more innovation in their feature set. I am sure they can add more value to their customers if they think hard enough!

They could even widen the scope of their offering to include being able to search for promotional opportunities on social networks such as Instagram. I am not holding my breath, but they need to do something to make this product more exciting and sexy to marketers!

Should You Subscribe to Adzoola?

Put simply, if you are a medium to heavy Youtube advertiser, Adzoola is pretty much a must buy for you. The amount of time saved is more than worth the price of monthly admission. If you just do the occasional campaign here or there, this tool is a bit overkill for you (considering the price). 

I know that for me, I can easily and quickly get my Youtube ad placements done, dusted and copied into my ad campaigns in under an hour (in most cases). This beats the at least half a day it would take to do the same thing manually (at least to the same standard!).

If you are a Youtube advertiser who loves video and channel ad placements, this is the product for you.

Personally, I don’t find the Google SERP features that worthwhile for me. Partly because I have other tools that do this better (in terms of keyword research) and also because I don’t really do Google ad placements in the way that this tool is designed for. I don’t find exact websites to do Google Search ads in the same way I do for Youtube.

If you have any of your own experiences with Adzoola we would love to hear all about them in the comments section below.

If you want to find out more, you can head over to Adzoola’s official website.