Automatic Script Review- Robot Copywriting at its Best?

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Welcome back to Top Dog Apps! Today I want to review an app I have been using for around a year at the time of writing and wanted to pass on my experiences. That app is called Automatic Script and…guess what it does? It generates scripts….automatically!! 🙂 We aren’t talking software/ programming scripts though; we are talking marketing sales scripts. Want to find out if Automatic Script is good? Read on…

What is Automatic Script?

Automatic Script is a software tool that will help you generate all kinds of sales letters, funnel scripts etc. quickly and easily.

You simply select the type of script you want to generate and fill in some different statements related to the product or service you want to sell and…hey presto… you can generate your sales script.

Automatic script was started by Brad Callen, who has been successfully creating business tools with his company Bryxen since 2003. This has included tools such as Doodly (a doodle video creator) and Toonly (a cartoon video maker).

How Much is Automatic Script?

The standard price is $39 a month (going down to $20 if you pay annually), which will get you a decent set of templates. For $69/$40 a month you will get just over double the amount of scripts.

This is less than the only other competitor I know of, Funnel Scripts by Russell Bronson. Although, to be fair, I have never tried that particular software so can’t comment how it compares.

What Do I Like about Automatic Script?

Quality Scripts

I am a big fan of the quality of the script templates available on this platform. They include some classic scripts from well-known marketers too.

For someone that is not an expert copywriter, it is good to get access to such a wide range of proven copywriting content. Below is an example of one of the many scripts available to you through this service.

Scale Your Business

I love how this tool will help you scale your business quickly. Once you find a handful of scripts that work for you, this software will make it quick and simple to generate these at scale. The template builder even lets you do the same with custom scripts that you may have found from outside the service too! More on that later!

Easy to Use

The first thing to say about Automatic Script is that the user interface is excellent, being both modern and sleek looking. I have had experiences with similar tools from small companies coming with bargain basement “functional” UI’s….not Automatic Script.

Making a script is also easy, with the tool walking you through a simple wizard to get to the end result you want. The whole thing has been a smooth experience for me ever since I started using it.

Wide Range of Applications

Automatic Script has built a massive library of copywriting templates, meaning you can pretty much find one for whatever type of business you run. Here is a complete list of the types of scripts you can make…

  • Call to Action (CTA)
  • Email (Sequences and Single Emails)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords Ads
  • Headlines (e.g. for landing page)
  • Script to accompany information products
  • Opt-in page scripts
  • Order Bumps
  • Phone Scripts
  • Sales Letters
  • Testimonials
  • Upsells
  • Video Scripts
  • Webinar Scripts

Hopefully, you see what I mean now about the scope of this script builder.

Template Builder

A fairly recent addition to the platform, you can now make your own script templates. This is great, as you may have found a script outside the platform that works for you and can now add it to Automatic Script. This also opens up the possibility for making documents outside the normal scope of marketing sales scripts. In the demo, for example, they show how you could make a white label marketing report with the template builder.

Good Help Guides

Automatic Script has an excellent level of help guides on their platform. When you first log into the tool you will quickly see a series of video guides to get your started. They even have regular webinars that highlight some of the key features of their software.  

I particularly like the tutorial videos that are narrated in a clear and concise way.

What Don’t I Like about Automatic Script?

Not a Human Substitute

With everyone talking about AI and Natural Language Processing these days, you might think a tool such as this would be able to churn out scripts on the same level as a human copywriter. Although this may happen in the future, Automatic Script is not there yet….and probably won’t be for quite a while.

Even with all the options that this tool has, it still can’t tailor the copywriting exactly to your needs as well as a human copywriter. Think of this as a great starting point or framework, from which a human can do the final tweaking to get to your final copy.

Filling the Blanks Approach

The approach that this tool has is to fill in the blanks of a copywriting template. This can get annoying, as quite often you don’t know what to put in every blank or some blanks simply don’t relate to your business. This can make the whole process tedious and leave you with more tweaking to do with the generated scripts you get.


I don’t like the fact that they have pricing tiers based on the number of scripts you will get to use in their database. Especially when they don’t list out the exact scripts you are getting in each tier! How are you supposed to know which tier has the scripts in that you would likely use for your business?

They should limit the pricing based on features. Maybe lock the template builder behind a higher tier, for example.


I am a little concerned that Automatic Script is now a final product that won’t be added to in the future. I say this, because Bryxen have a roadmap of their other tools on their website, but not for Automatic Script. Apart from adding the template function recently, I don’t see a lot of other updates. Add to this the fact the roadmap on the tools website is empty and you can call me worried!

Why no love for Automatic Script from Bryxen?

Should You Subscribe to Automatic Script?

This is an interesting proposition, the idea of an automated script builder for your business. A lot of people would argue that it is better getting a human to tailor make your business’ scripts, which is true but would cost you much more. Even looking at the cheapest place to get these humans, Fiveer, you are still looking at a minimum of at least $50 for one single script!

This is what I have done personally, and would recommend for you. I would buy Automatic Script but don’t rely on what it generates 100% Just use this as a framework.

I have been learning some basic copywriting skills myself, so that I can see when a generated script is not good and should be scrapped or tweaked. You may think I have done this through expensive courses, but no! I have found some excellent free resources online to help me develop my copywriting.

By combining some basic education on copywriting with Automatic Script, I believe this is a match made in heaven. You will have a quick and reliable way to make scripts that won’t break the bank!!

You can check out Automatic Script for yourself by clicking HERE.