Brand Mentions Review [+GIVEAWAY]

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Welcome to another app review. We are in an age where software is getting cooler by the second, and Brand Mentions is no exception. We will put this app through its paces and tell you what we think. To celebrate this review we are also giving away a copy of Brand Mentions too 🙂

What is Brand Mentions

Brand Mentions is a tool that will scour the internet for any time that your brand name is mentioned, hence the name 🙂 Their tagline is ‘We dig every corner of the internet to find all the relevant mentions about anyone or anything’, and from what I have seen so far this rings true.

This is a web based software tool with nothing needing to be downloaded or installed. This is the method a lot of software tools are using nowadays.

Who is behind Brand Mentions?

This software was the brainchild of Razvan Gavrilas, who came up with the idea in 2015. This was then launched to the world on Product Hunt in 2018. Razvan is also the main man behind CognitiveSEO, another top product used by business owners, especially those writing any kind of content online.

The fact that this tool is from an organisation that have already launched a successful software tool before, gives me a lot more confidence in Brand Mentions.

Main Features of Brand Mentions

Online Brand Tracking and Monitoring

This tool allows you to enter the name of any keyword and find out who is talking about it online. This means you can enter your company name and even product names, all of which will be tracked.

You will see who is talking about these keywords and what they are saying.

Monitoring to Suit your Needs

Depending on the price tier you purchase, you can go all the way up to real time brand mention monitoring. This will give you almost immediate feedback on who is talking about your brand.

You can set up email alerts alongside this monitoring, to give you regular updates on who is saying what.


Brand Mentions has a built in sentiment meter that divides up all the online mentions into those that are positive, negative and neutral.


This tool has the ability to produce PDF downloadable reports from the information it gathers. These reports can also be automatically generated and sent on a regular basis.

Quick Search

As well as having the ability to enter all of a brands details and get a detailed breakdown, they also have a quick and dirty option. You can simply enter your keyword into the quick research option and get some basic information about who is mentioning that keyword online.

This would be excellent for researching different competitors and industries quickly.

White Label

If your price tier allows it, you will be able to white label these reports, which makes this software an excellent option for anyone running an online agency.

What are the use cases for Brand Mentions?

This is an invaluable tool for anyone that owns any kind of business, whether it be online or offline. You can quickly and easily get a snapshot of who is talking about you and what they are saying.

Spying on Competitors

The metrics from Brand Mentions are not only great for your own business, they are also to compare with those of your competitors. Just one example of this would be seeing what online content has generated the most interest from a competitor, to give you ideas for your own future content.

Finding Partners

You can see what influencers or websites are active in your industry, something you can easily find out from the quick research section of the tool. You can then start making connections with them yourself.

You could see which big influencers are supporting your competitors, and see if they would like to work with you too. As this tool also deals with websites, this can also help you discover new back link opportunities as well.

Reputation Monitoring

As all mentions are categorized by how positive or negative they are, it allows you to quickly get an idea of the general feeling about your business online. If you see a big spike in negative mentions, this could be a warning sign of a problem in your business. You can quickly solve these problems before they get out of hand!

How much does Brand Mentions cost?

this is how much the brand mentions social media monitoring tool costs.

What we like about Brand Mentions

User Experience

I like the user interface of Brand Mentions. It has a clean and modern look to it, and I never had problems finding the different features I needed. Having seen a lot of software UI’s over the years, this one is up there with some of the best.

This is all topped off by an excellent dashboard, which gives you all of your important information at a glance.

this is the brandmentions dashboard

Ease of Use

It would be easy to make a tool like this over complex and hard to understand, but not so with Brand Mentions. I literally learned most of the software’s functions in a few hours at most. This gives you more time to actually analyse the data, rather than wasting time messing with the finer details!

Not Just for the Big Boys

Sometimes tools like this end up being exclusive tools aimed at big business, or those with several hundred dollars a month to throw around on a tool. Here’s looking at you Market Muse 🙂

I like how Brand Mentions has the flexibility to appeal to even some small business owners. A basic account is as little as $49 a month, which is peanuts for the type of data you are getting here.


Brand Mentions allows you to have a pretty extensive trial account for up to 14 days, allowing you time to test it out before you have to commit to anything.

What we don’t like about Brand Mentions

There are some minor bugs that I encountered whilst using Brand Mentions, the main one being the fact that some comments marked as ‘negative’ weren’t negative at all. This is still a new tool on the market, so I am sure they will fix these problems with time.

Other than this, I don’t have anything to complain about. If you are interested in discovering what people are saying about you online, this is an excellent tool.

Is Brand Mentions Worth It?

It is actually easier to monitor your business online than it ever was to do the same offline. People can’t talk bad about you behind your back anymore 🙂 If you want a simple and user friendly brand monitoring tool that doesn’t cost the earth, this is your tool!

How can you win a copy of Brand Mentions?

To celebrate our review, we are making one copy of Brand Mentions available for a lucky winner! You can enter by clicking the link below, and we will notify you once the lucky winner is picked!

Finally, if you have your own opinions on this tool, we would love to hear all about them in the comments section below.