Brizy Cloud Review

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Building websites has become a key part of many people’s business’ in the modern world. And it has become so much easier these days, what with all the different page and website builders out there. Today I am going to review one of them, Brizy Cloud. I have been using it for a while now and want to let you know whether it’s actually any good!!

What is Brizy Cloud?

Brizy cloud is a website page builder that comes hosted on the Brizy servers. This means that when you buy a subscription to Brizy you can start making your website pages without having to worry about hosting costs as well.

The main features of Brizy Cloud are:

  • Premium designs that are conversion focused.
  • 700 premium blocks and 150 page layouts to choose from.
  • Fast page loading on the Brizy server cloud.
  • Mobile friendly page building.
  • No code drag and drop page building.
  • Speed. Build pages in minutes!

Who is Behind Brizy Cloud?

Brizy started out making a page builder that works as a plugin for WordPress, giving someone a drag and drop page building experience over there. This is similar to page builders such as Elementor and Thrive Themes, and comes very highly rated.

Brizy then took this page building technology and added it to a cloud based service, giving something more akin to Instapage and Leadpages!

Why Would I Need Brizy Cloud?

From my experience, Brizy Cloud has been great for making single page landing pages and a handful of simple multi page business websites.

For example, if you want to sell a course online, you could set up a great looking sales page for that in a matter of minutes. If you are a local business that want a simple 5 or 6 page website detailing your services, Brizy Cloud would also work great for that too.

What it doesn’t work well for is blog or informational websites with masses of pages!

How Much is Brizy Cloud?

Brizy Cloud has a simple and very generous payment structure, in my opinion. The highest tier with unlimited everything still only comes in at $99 a year. On Instapage you would have to pay $149 a year and Leadpages you would be paying $27 a month for the lowest plan (when you prepay a year)! Price is a massive plus point of Brizy Cloud for me!

What I like about Brizy Cloud?

Easy to Use

I have tried many landing page builders, but to me Brizy Cloud is up there with some of the best. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have wanted to recreate a landing page and found this service the quickest and simplest way to do so. It is just so easy to recreate your vision in Brizy Cloud!

Add to this the simple and straight forward user interface, and I have always found Brizy Cloud a breeze to use. Some other page builders I may have gotten stuck often working out the details of building a page. Not with Brizy Cloud, everything just seemed so straight forward and intuitive to use.

Look at the main UI when building pages below, it makes everything simple and easy to find!

Granted, when I first started using Brizy Cloud I had the benefit of already using some page builders such as Thrive Themes in the past. This may have helped me here, but I still think many laymen would pick Brizy up quickly.


Brizy Cloud builds in multiple ways for you to publish pages. If you want to host on the Brizy servers, you can either get one of their temporary domains or connect your own third party custom domain. If you want to use Brizy pages externally, you can embed in external websites or even download your pages in HTML.

Great Selection of Templates and Blocks

As well as being straight forward to use, one of the other reasons I found Brizy Cloud great for recreating landing pages is the fact it has such a variety of templates and blocks to build pages from. Think of this as page building in Lego form!

Blazingly Fast

After using Brizy Cloud for a while, I was impressed at how fast the pages I built there felt. This gut feeling was confirmed after checking some of the pages I made on here with popular page speed metrics. As someone who also runs WordPress websites too, it is nice to have such speed straight out of the box. I can’t tell you how much time I have spent tinkering with site speed in WordPress!!

Below is a GT Metrix test with one of my Brizy Cloud pages.

After a bit of digging around, it appears that Brizy use top notch Amazon servers for Brizy Cloud, so no wonder I have been so impressed with their speed.

And don’t under-estimate the power of speed! Most people will use Brizy Cloud for landing pages that they want potential customers to convert from. If your site takes too long to load, a big chunk of those people would have already given up on you!

No Big Limitations!

One of my pet peeves with website and landing page builders is the amount of restrictions they put into their lower paying tiers. Not so with Brizy Cloud. All plans come with unlimited pages and all paid plans with unlimited visits, for example. These are the type of things that their competitors often limit.


Brizy Cloud integrates with a lot of well know apps, from Zapier to ConvertKit. This makes it easy to add in your favourite third party services to whatever pages you build.

Full Functionality

Brizy give you all the options you would need for the landing pages and mini websites you are building, including meta data, favicon customization and code injections (perfect for inserting your marketing pixels).

What I Don’t like about Brizy Cloud?

Funnels Coming Forever

I have been using Brizy Cloud for a while, but they have had this “Funnels Coming Soon” tag on their website ever since I have been using it! I think a lot of people bought into Brizy Cloud because of this particular promised feature. I still believe it will come but I am disappointed it has taken them so long.

Not So Good for Blogs

I personally found Brizy not so great for making anything more than a 5-10 page website. It doesn’t have the features that dedicated blogging platforms have to make this process quick and easy. To be honest, I don’t think Brizy designed this service with blogging in mind so it’s hardly surprising. I just want to mention this in case anyone has this end game in mind.

Should you Subscribe to Brizy Cloud?

I would say that I have loved my time with Brizy Cloud so far. It has been a delight to use and has become my first choice for quickly building or replicating landing pages.

If you are wanting to build great looking landing pages and mini-websites for your business, Brizy Cloud would be ideal. And as an added bonus it won’t break the bank!

You can get all the latest info and pricing over at the official Brizy Cloud Website.