CAS VPN Review [Honest Review from a Real User!]

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Welcome back to Top Dog Apps and another one of our reviews…. today we are delving into the world of VPN’s to review a new entrant to the VPN market called “CAS VPN”. There are a growing number of VPN services out there, so it will be interesting to see where CAS VPN fit in. Are they any good? Let’s find out together.

What is CAS VPN?

CAS VPN is a new service based out of Hong Kong which claims it is ‘The Best VPN for Anonymous and Secure Browsing’, quite a bold claim 🙂

For those of you that have been living under a rock, a VPN is a virtual private network. This will allow you to hide your location and IP address when browsing the internet.

CAS VPN Review

Most people will use a VPN service such as CAS VPN to switch their location to the United Kingdom to watch the BBC iPlayer or America to get a better selection of Netflix content.

Some may value their privacy when browsing the internet, not wanting the websites they visit to know their IP address or location. This is another reason to use a VPN.

These are the main features of CAS VPN:

  • Multiple Device support: you can log onto CAS VPN with up to 5 devices.
  • Top VPN Protocols: Including Open VPN and Open Connect.
  • Private and Secure: CAS VPN work to prevent DNS leaks.
  • Fast Speed: Video Streaming on fast bank of servers.
  • Wi-FI Security: Connect to WiFi and still be fully protected.
  • 150 server locations
  • Unlimited downloading, bandwidth and sessions.
  • Up to 256 bit encryption.
  • Accessible on desktop and with Android/IOS apps.
  • NAT Firewall to give an extra layer of encryption.

How Much is CAS VPN?

At the time of writing, CAS VPN can cost as little as $3.99 a month if you sign up for 2 years, up to $11.95 if you pay month to month. It is obvious to me that CAS really want you to sign up for the longer plans, as the discount is heavy and pretty attractive to most users.

One of my favourite VPN’s at the time of writing is Ivacy VPN, and when you compare their pricing you see that CAS VPN isn’t that cheap after all. Month to month, Ivacy VPN will charge $9.95, down as low as $2.40 a month if you sign up for 2 years. Ivacy also have a 7 day free trial.

What Do we Like about CAS VPN?

7 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

According to CAS VPN’s website they do have a 7 day money back guarantee, which is good to see. I personally bought my key from a third party provider, so was not able to test the reliability of this money back guarantee myself.

What Don’t we Like about CAS VPN?

Basic Design

The design of the customer portal and their mobile apps is pretty basic and not exactly easy to use. CAS VPN need to hire some decent UI designers to get their offering up to scratch.

Using the customer portal is painful at best. It is a very basic portal and I struggled to find even the simplest of information. For example, their downloads section is under the ‘Support’ tab!

I personally used the Android App and it looked like a small child had designed it 🙂 In a world of many big budget and slick looking VPN services, CAS really need to make more of an effort here to fit in!

Can’t Download or Use Apps

When I first started using this service, I was able to download their windows based VPN application. However, it kept giving me errors and I never actually connected to any of their servers. Frankly, it seemed like a buggy and incomplete piece of software at best.

I cam back a few months later to try again, and this time I can’t even download a fresh version of the app from the CAS VPN customer portal. The website gives me a timeout error every time I click on the windows install download button!

CAS do also offer other third party apps, such as OpenVPN, but I was never able to connect to a CAS VPN server through these apps either.

Problems with Android App

I am able to download and load up the CAS VPN Android app from the Google Play Store. However, I have never been able to successfully connect to a server here either, it also stalls and gives me a connection time out error.

The main reason I bought this VPN service was to access American and British server locations to unlock media such as Netflix and iPlayer. After trying all of the servers in these locations, I was not able to connect to any through the smartphone app.

Very disappointing and makes me wonder why this product is still for sale!

How Secure is CAS VPN?

CAS VPN state that they have a no log policy, and if you read their Privacy Policy you can see this reflected in it. But through no fault of their own, the situation in Hong Kong seems to have become more unstable.

In the past, CAS have stated that the Hong Kong government cannot ask for data from their servers, but I wonder how much longer this will last.

The recent security law in Hong Kong seems to suggest that anything related to national security may now be open for the government to investigate. Let’s put it this way, if the Hong Kong authorities thought that CAS VPN had information on their servers that they thought was a threat to national security, would CAS be able to deny their access? These days, this situation is not looking clear and we don’t yet know how far reaching this will be.

This is why I wouldn’t use a VPN in Hong Kong for the time being.

Should you Subscribe to CAS VPN?

As you can imagine this is a massive NO from me! CAS VPN has such an unstable and basic level of service that I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I mean the actual thing that I bought this service for, namely the American and British VPNs, never seem to work for me.

I am almost at the point of wondering whether CAS VPN is vaporware or something. They look professional enough on their website, they have good reviews over at Trust Pilot! But yet for me their basic functionality is lacking and I wonder how they even got such good reviews. Recent reviews on the Google Play store are starting to show reviews in line with my experiences, but I am wondering why it took so long!

I have even seen other sites reviewing CAS (like me) and say things such as it being a “strong contender” in the VPN market! To say that I am baffled by these reviews is to put it mildly!!

The CAS VPN Facebook account was last used in March (at the time of writing) and their Twitter account last December (almost a year ago), so I am wondering is this service is already dead in the water. In such a competitive market as VPNs, I don’t think they will last long.

Then you add to that the fact that they are based in Hong Kong and all the worries that has about information security, leads me to say DON’T BUY THIS AT ANY COST! Lol!

As I said above, I have been using a VPN called Ivacy VPN, who actually offer a real top quality service for a cheap price. If you want to check out their 7 day free trial you can click HERE to go and take a look on their website.