Displate Review: Are These Metal Posters Good?

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Welcome back to Review Guy, today we are looking at Displate, a company that I am sure you have seen all over the internet. Displate have risen to prominence over the past few years and are starting to turn into somewhat of a household name. When I needed a unique gift for Mrs. Review Guy, I decided to give Displate a try. What a great opportunity to provide a full review for you guys along the way 🙂 So come along for the ride…..this is my Displate review!

What is Displate?

The first thing to ask is "What the hell is Displate?" As I said in the introduction, I am sure that most of you have at least a general idea as to what Displate is. They have been marketing themselves heavily online, especially using Facebook. Displate is a supplier of metal posters, in fact they boast they are the 'leading manufacturer of posters made out of metal.' They also talk extensively about using the highest quality materials to give you the best (and coolest looking) metal poster!

Displate operate as an online only company, offering an online portal for you to order your metal posters.

Displate Review

Displate started simply by helping online artists to print and sell their work, in the same way we have seen companies like Threadless use a community of artists to design and sell t-shirt designs, giving the artists a cut of the sales. Displate have now moved into making their own in house designs for trademarks they have purchased too. Going forward, you will see posters for Marvel and Star Wars.

Displate sell some limited edition posters every Thursday too, although they seem to sell out fast so be quick if this interests you.

Displate definitely market themselves on being 'hip' and 'trendy', something you can see in their highly stylized adverts. As a gamer myself, I am sure this is why Displate has been stalking me on Facebook for many years. The gamer crowd seem to be a big target market for them, providing 'cool' game related posters. Although, I am sure that the metal poster market can target anyone that wants to hang something 'cool' in their place. This is the beauty, these posters can relate to whatever your interests are. As a Formula One fan too, they have some cool posters of famous track layouts as well. OK, I think I have said 'cool' too many times now 🙂

It's funny how the world has moved on. When I was a child I can remember buying paper posters to go on my wall from the likes of HMV and Athena. Now, we are in the realms of being able to order metal posters online!

Who is Behind Displate?

Displate were started in 2013 in Poland, a rather small country in Eastern Europe. Their founders are Jacek Świgost and Karol Banaszkiewicz, and Displate has already grown to having at least 130 employees and selling over a million metal posters. They won the award of 'hottest startup in Poland' in 2019 too, so they are a company on the up it seems! This is good information to know when ordering from Displate, knowing they are not some kind of 'fly by night' or 'shady' operation.

How Much are Displates?

At the time of writing, the smallest 'M' poster costs $44, the 'L' is $89 and the 'XL' $149. You can add a frame to your metal poster for around $20-$40 depending on the type of frame. This is only available for the 'M' and 'L' sizing as far as I can see though.

What was my Experience with Displate?

The Order

First of all, the ordering process was simple and easy, with no hitches. It was easy to find a design I like and order it in a matter of minutes. A nice touch was when browsing Facebook after ordering, Displate showed me some adverts saying thanks for the order and showing humorous videos of what was going on in the factory to prepare my order. Wow, Displate really know their marketing!

The Delivery

Considering I live across the other side of the world from Displate, the order arrived impressively fast in just under a week. This is also bearing in mind we are currently in the grips of a global pandemic!

The package that arrived was very well wrapped, and I was delighted to see that my metal poster didn't have any dings of dents in it. This had been my main worry about ordering from a company so far away, especially as it was a gift for my wife!

The Packaging

Displate certainly knows how to give you a 'special' or 'premium' feeling customer experience. The small touches of the thank you adverts mentioned above were a great start, then add to that the packaging that arrives with your poster. It makes you feel as if you are buying into something special, something that the likes of Apple started many years ago!

The Product

As this was my first order on Displate, I was a little worried how it was going to turn out! However, I needn't have been worried at all. Upon closer inspection, I was seriously impressed with the quality and print my new poster was made up of. I couldn't find any issues or blemishes at all. When you hold the metal poster in your hand, it feels like a quality and well made item. You can see below the exact poster I received. As my wife is a workaholic, I knew she would love it 🙂

The Finer Details

The impressive thing with Displate is the fact that they had literally thought of everything. My metal poster came with literally everything I needed to hang it too, right out of the box (including a wet wipe). If you are still not sure how to proceed, they include a full printed assembly guide in color too.

The whole experience with Displate was a smooth one, no running off to the hardware store to get extra supplies 🙂 This has certainly NOT been my experience when buying regular pictures to hang in my home!

Do I like Displate?

So after all is said and done, what is my impression of Displate? I have to say that I have been blown away by the whole experience. Displate really know what they are doing and left me wanting to re-order more. The quality of service along with the quality of product really do make this a match made in heaven.

And Displate have so many artists on their platform, there is something for everyone!

I was also impressed with the help section on their website too. They asked a whole host of frequently asked questions, leaving me (as a new customer) with all the answers you could ever need.

The only thing that I slightly pondered was how I felt about the cost. I bought the smallest poster, which is still a decent size. I ended up paying around $55 including postage, as I had also found a discount voucher at checkout. It's not exactly cheap, but then again it's hard to compare like for like. If you go and look at regular pictures of generic framed pictures in Ikea, the price can be very similar when you match up the sizes. And with Displate you are getting something unique and made of metal. It will literally last forever!

If buying metal posters turns into an addiction (by reading other's reviews i see this really is 'a thing'), Displate have a special membership club you can pay a small fee to join. This gives you things such as permanent discounts and free shipping on your orders.

If you want something 'cool' and unique to hang up at home, I can't think of anything I would like better than a Displate metal poster! I will be ordering more myself……

Check Displate out for yourself, simply click HERE to be taken to their official website.

I just need to find enough wall space in my house for all the Displates I want to buy 🙂 Be careful this doesn't turn into an addiction 🙂

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