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Welcome back to Top Dog Apps! At this rate, I feel like I should rename this site Top Dog VPNs as I have been doing so many VPN reviews lately! Ha ha! Well, VPNs are important to a lot of people, and I have been amazed at the variety of services currently out there. So let’s just call it my current hobby to look into VPNs! Today, I am reviewing one called Faceless.Me……any good? Let’s find out together!

I am sure if you are reading a VPN review, you should have a good idea what a VPN is. For those of you that just ‘stepped off the boat’ a VPN is a virtual private network. In its simplest terms, you channel your internet usage through the VPN’s servers so that you can hide your identity and location to the person on the other side.

What is Faceless.Me?

Faceless.Me is a VPN service that comes from Latvia in Eastern Europe. On their website they don’t give much information away except saying they have been operating for a ‘few years’. After some digging, I couldn’t really find out any more information myself. Just the profile of a marketing manager that has been with Faceless.Me since 2013, so they must have been going at least since then. And interestingly he is based in Cyprus not Latvia, where the company claims to be headquartered.

Faceless.Me is a pretty apt name as their VPN is somewhat faceless and almost boring too! They don’t really offer anything special or unique here.

Here is the feature list, so you can see for yourself:

  • Hide Your IP address
  • Encrypt your sensitive data
  • Get access to geo restricted content from anywhere
  • Over a million current users
  • Available on Windows, Mac ,Linux, Android and iOS.
  • No Logging of your activity on the service
  • AES 256 bit encryption.

As you can see all pretty standard stuff in the VPN world….

How Much is Faceless.Me?

Faceless.Me has several tiers and types of pricing on their website, so frankly the whole thing got rather confusing. They have different tiers for desktop and mobile use cases, which is the first time I have seen a VPN service do this. The mobile tier is slightly cheaper for some weird reason, I don’t know why it would cost more on desktop the features appear to be the same.

Desktop Pricing
Mobile Pricing

What Do We Like About Faceless.Me?

Decent Servers

To be absolutely honest here it was pretty clear to me early on that Faceless.Me was not going to feature highly on my list of recommended VPNs so I didn’t do the rigorous speed tests I would usually do. Frankly, I wouldn’t use this service if it had the fastest servers out of all VPNs!

Add to this I could not physically subscribe to a paid plan, so I only had access to the free servers. From some simple real world testing, the servers seemed up to the job (for free servers). I could do all my usual internet activity with some light streaming and downloading thrown in.

Maybe you will say this is not a thorough review without detailed speed tests, but I have a list of criteria when testing VPNs. If it is clear a service won’t pass a lot of these, I don’t wish to waste my time testing speed. Think of it as the race horse falling at the first (or maybe second at best) hurdle 🙂


Faceless.Me is based in Latvia, a country that (at the time of writing at least) would appear to be a safe one in terms of internet security. Personally I would feel better with something like a Seychelles, but so far we have no reason to believe that Latvia will go hunting down your online activities.

On top of this, Faceless.Me don’t log any of your information, something they back up in the Privacy policy with the following statement.

Faceless.Me does not collect or log any traffic or use of its VPN service, including OS system logs.

We cannot relate any specific activity with any specific user. If any legal notices are forwarded to our law department, we will comply with that notice. However, we can not be forced to send information that we do not have.

Free Trial

It is good to see that Facless.Me do offer a decent free trial for you to try out their service for yourself. You would be surprised at how many modern VPN services don’t offer free trials any more.

Actually, it is unfair calling this a free trial. It is more like a free account as it is not time limited. There are some speed and bandwidth restrictions but you still get enough for light users to get by. And Faceless let you connect without submitting any of your personal details, so this option is best in terms of privacy.

What Don’t We Like About Faceless.Me?

Subscription Page Down

Usually, when a service has a premium plan, I like to try it out. However, that proved to be literally impossible in this case as the billing page was down.

Clearly, this is a massive black mark for this service and something that would make me not want to use them at all. It smacks of a service in decline. The fact that the free servers are still up does give me some hope though.


The pricing plans are plain weird to me. Firstly, they are not that cheap. Additionally, for the life of me I can’t understand why they would penalize desktop users with higher priced plans.

The Faceless.Me service is already not that attractive to me, so this is almost the final nail in the coffin!

Software and Design from the Early 2000’s

The look of the website reminds me of those from the early 2000’s. If any of you were around when Netscape ruled the internet you will know what I mean.

Add to this the fact that the Windows software looks like it is from any even earlier era (possibly the 1990s), then this gives the impression of a business that hasn’t been maintained and kept up to date.

Credit Cards Only

If you could get the billing page to work (thanks Wayback Machine) you would see that they only accept credit cards. This is not best in terms of privacy, as there are no anonymous payment methods you can use.

Additionally, I like modern services to use well-known payment providers such as Paypal or Google Pay. When I see this, it makes me trust a company more, and for some reason I find it easier to hand over my Paypal rather than a raw credit card number (maybe it’s just me).

Refund Policy

In their refund policy they state they will only offer refunds if there is a fault or technical problem with the VPN service. In this day and age, I would expect a no questions asked money-back guarantee of some type in case there is something you don’t like with the service. This is typical business practice with most modern businesses, in my opinion.

No Sharing Accounts

You cannot share any simultaneous devices on this service, meaning you can only log on with one device at a time. Most services allow at least three, with the best going as high as ten devices.

Frankly, this is a poor showing for Faceless.Me.

Non-Existent Help Articles

There is one page of frequently asked questions, but no other help articles I can see. The customer support is in the form of a support email. These days I would expect a chat bot or ticketing system to give a better customer support service. Faceless.Me is still stuck with the basic elements only.

Should You Subscribe to Faceless.Me?

Unfortunately, Faceless.Me seems to be a dieing service. They have design from the 90’s and early 2000’s, business practices from a similar time, and a billing page that simply doesn’t work. All of these things point to a business that is frankly out of touch and is likely to not be around much longer.

I wouldn’t recommend using this service, and would instead direct you towards my current gold standard VPN Pure VPN. They offer a lot of things I like about VPN services in a competitively priced package. And they are a big player in the industry that you can trust.

Check Pure VPN out for yourself by clicking HERE.

It is a shame that the Faceless.Me service has died a death (it seems), but the VPN business is such a competitive one these days I am not really surprised!