Frase Review: Learn How it Can Level Up Your Online Business!

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Welcome back to Top Dog Apps and yet another review… we are reviewing an up-and-coming content tool called Frase. If you have ever wondered whether Frase is any good, read on to find out from a real user!!

What is Frase?

Content Assistant

Frase likes to market itself as ‘AI for content’. What this means is that you can use the AI within Frase to quickly make high-quality content that hits the mark in terms of answering the questions your visitors want answering. 

Frase also has tools to help you research the different topics you might want to write content on and a content editor to help you create the most relevant and optimized content.

Basically, if you are in the business of content creation, this is the application for you.

Answer Engine

As well as the content component of Frase, they also have a chatbot component. This chatbot is referred to as an ‘answer engine’ and is designed to get the visitors to your website the quickest answers to their questions or queries.

The way it works is that you can crawl a website that you own and get all the content extracted from it. This information can be used as the basis for a chatbot that can be attached to your website and offer answers to your visitors’ questions. Think of it as an advanced search function for your website’s content.

How Much is Frase?

Frase has a simple set of pricing tiers. For $39.99 a month you can get a single user who can create 30 documents a month. If you have a bigger digital content business, you may be interested in the $99.99 a month Growth plan that would allow you unlimited documents a month and 3 users.

Be aware that the Answer Engine chatbot is on its own pricing tier and is not in the basic or growth plans (that are more for content tools). You still get the same content tools as with the growth plan, but you also get 500 answers a month from an Answer Engine chatbot.

Surfer SEO would be the main competitor for Frase’s content creation and analysis tools, and at first glance you may think that the price of their plans is similar. However, I find that the limits are much less on Frase and therefore it offers me better value.

What I Like About Frase?

Excellent for Content Briefs

As someone that outsources a lot of articles, I am finding Frase amazing for making my content briefs. I simply create a new document using my main keyword phrase for the article and click the ‘automate content brief’ to get a full content brief in seconds.

It is then just a case of going through the brief and making sure it is accurate. I am finding the more obscure the topic of your article is, the less relevant some of the parts of the automated content brief will be.

And there you have it, a content brief done and dusted in literally a few minutes. This can then be shared with my writers in a number of ways. You can share a link to the brief or download and share a PDF or Word version manually.

I used to hate doing topic briefs for my articles, as they were tedious and somewhat annoying to make! With Frase, it has made this part of my business so much faster and easier to handle!

The average word count recommendations also come in handy for me when telling my writers how long to write the articles. This will be one of the first things listed on your Frase created content brief.

Great for Writing Content

As well as being great for making briefs for external writers, Frase is also excellent for researching and making your own content from scratch.

If you know exactly the topic of your article, you simply do the same step as above, create a new document using the main keyword phrase.

This time, rather than going to automate content brief as before, you can use the information provided on the right-hand side of your screen to help you write your Google optimized content. It essentially terms into an on page SEO optimized content writing platform at this point.

You will see the overview page first of all over there, that gives you an overview of the following things:

  • Average Topic Score: It will tell you the average topic score of your competitors’ articles on the same topic and what the current score is for the article you are writing. As you add elements from the other tabs, you should see your score increase.
  • Average Word Count: of your article compared to the competition’s articles. Helps you gauge the length you should write to rank in Google.
  • Average Sections, Images, Links and Question Sections: Helps you get the format and structure of your article similar to that of the competition.
  • Intents: These intents give you an indication as to the type of content this should be…. for example, it might tell you this should be a listicle article or review article. Again, very useful for getting the tone and structure of your article right.
  • Topics: Essentially, this part of the tool will list keywords that you should include in your article in order for it to rank well.
  • Questions: This will scrape the web and tell you questions that people are asking on different websites related to the topic of your article.
  • Sections: Giving you an idea as to the sections your competitors are using in similar articles.
  • Statistics: Here you will find relevant statistics that you may want to include in your article.

If there are any elements from the overview page that you want to improve, each one has its own tab on the right side of the content editor that you can click through and be guided about things you can add and improve.

By following the guidelines and recommendations here, you will come out with an article that is on point to the user intent of those search for that topic on Google, and you will have a much better chance of ranking well there.

It goes without saying that this content editor acts the exact same as your typical WordPress content editor. You can add media, links and even mark your different heading tags. All of this can then be exported or published to a WordPress website straight from Frase.

Great for Refining Current Content

Frase will let you use all of the excellent content tools detailed above on content you have already written. Simply import the article into Frase and see what metrics it is given. Make the tweaks that Frase suggests and export back out to your website. Simple as that!

Great for Researching Topics and Articles

If you are not sure what articles to write, Frase has you covered there too. 

Question Ideas

You can simply input your keyword and get ideas about what people are asking about this online. You can get a wealth of content ideas from these questions.

Concept Map 

This is a tool that uses Wikipedia data to give you a web of topics and questions for your niche. It reminds me a lot of the kind of data you would get out of a service such as Answer the Public.

These concept maps are great for helping you cover all the different angles possible for your niche.

Google Traffic

You can even link to your website’s Google Search Console profile so that you can use this data within Frase. Mainly to see the popular clusters of content on your site. This will let you know the topics that are proving most successful and could warrant further building out.

Great User Interface

For such an early stage product, I am really impressed with the quality and simplicity of the User Interface.

The design looks slick and modern, with everything being easy to find and use.

Frase clearly have some excellent UI designers over there!

Frequent Updates

Frase has an updates section on their platform, and it is great seeing how often they are adding to and improving what they have. They clearly want to build their product to be one of the best content making platforms out there.

What I Don’t Like About Frase?

Expensive Chatbot

To be honest, I don’t see anywhere as much value for the answer engine as I do for the content creation and optimization tools in Frase.

Yes, the execution works well. You can make a customized chatbot for your site that can answer questions for those that interact with it. Yes, it is synced well with your website’s content.

I just find it to be expensive and a little single use. For example, I own other chatbot software that would allow me to make similar chatbots, but this software would also let me make other chatbots too. Whereas Frase only gives you the one type of chatbot.

And the other software would be much cheaper to make such a chatbot. For the Frase Answer Engine chatbot, you need to pay $199 a month for 500 answers a month. Then an additional $50 per 100 answers on top of this.

Yes, it would probably take me a bit longer to make a content based chatbot like Answer Engine with my other chatbot software, but it would be a damn site cheaper 🙂

Maybe, as a small business owner, I am simply not the target market of the Answer Engine. Maybe bigger business’ would lap up the chance to buy such a chatbot 🙂

AI Still Needs Tweaking

Of course, we know we are in the early stages of using AI in business, so we can’t expect perfect AI for content creation yet.

Frase AI is pretty decent, but you still have to make sure you scan over its recommendations before using them. You will still find quite a few suggestions that are out of whack and talking about a totally different subject.

I expect this to improve over time, and it is more than usable in its current state.

Should You Buy Frase?

If you are in the content creation business, Frase is a no-brainer purchase for you. This service will help you quickly and easily create content that has a high chance of ranking in Google.

It becomes even more of a no-brainer when you look at the price. For most small business users, the 30 document a month basic tier would be more than enough. That’s just under $40 a month to enable you to create excellent content every time, whether it be that you are writing it or you are creating a brief for someone else.

Yes, I don’t really like or understand the use case for the question engine chatbot, but this is effectively in its own pricing tier anyway, meaning that if I just want the content tools, I only need to pay for those.

I have been using Frase for several months now and I couldn’t imagine going back to what I was doing before! If that isn’t a massive endorsement, I don’t know what is 🙂

If you are interested in trying out Frase for yourself, you can go check out the official Frase website by clicking below: