FunnelAir Review: New Kid on the [Funnel] Block!

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Welcome back to Top Dog Apps…..the place where we like to review things…a lot!! Today we are reviewing a new funnel builder available on the market called FunnelAir. The world of funnel builders is a growing one and it feels like there are new products almost daily! Is this new entrant any good? Let’s find out together!

What is FunnelAir?

FunnelAir is more than just a typical funnel builder. FunnelAir touts itself as a complete suite of tools you can use to sell your products online. I’m sure you have bought something online before, and if you have you might have been funneled through a sales funnel.

The first part would be a sales page like the one below….

Followed by a cart page like this….

And even a thank you page like this…

Sprinkled in before you pay might also be an upsell page, a page where you are asked to add more to your order.

All of these elements make up a sales funnel and all of them can be made with FunnelAir. But it doesn’t stop there, they also have the tools for you to take payments and even email your customers. This can all be automated within one software platform- FunnelAir.

FunnelAir also likes to call itself ‘the world’s fastest funnel builder’ and heavily market their sales funnels as being super fast loading. This is important as if your sales funnel loads slowly more potential customers are likely to give up and not buy anything, so I can see why they have chosen this as their major feature.

When creating your pages in FunnelAir, you have a wide range of options available that you would have on other platforms to control your content. This includes adding favicons, tracking codes (for pixels) and even WordPress plugins!!

How Much is FunnelAir?

As you can see below, they have 2 main tiers when paying annually. For $39 a month you get 250 pages and 25 funnels. For $109 a month you can make that unlimited. When you compare with the main funnel building competitors, this pricing is very competitive.

If you want to add the email autoresponder functions, this starts from an extra $45 a month for up to 10000 subscribers. This too seems like a steal when compared to most other email autoresponder services.

What Do We Like About FunnelAir?

Complete Marketing Automation Package

FunnelAir is a complete tool, that will satisfy even the most demanding online business owner or marketer. When talking about funnels, you can make everything from a typical sales funnel to an evergreen webinar funnel….all in one place.

On top of this, you can add upsells and house your payment processes within the same tool. If you pay a bit more, you can even include a built in email autoresponder. It means you don’t need to juggle multiple software tools when building your funnels, something that can add to the complexity with competing tools.

All of this can be sewn together on the platform using something called automation. This allows you to create a custom path for the different people that interact with your funnels, as well as tagging them at each stage.

Great Looking Design and UI

FunnelAir must have some great User Interface designers, as the look and feel of this tool is excellent. Every function is easy to find and the whole platform is clear and concise. This tools is a prime example of modern sleek design in my opinion.

Easy to Use

If you have used any page builders recently, you will be able to pick up this tool very easily. Whilst building pages, I really liked the dynamic alignment feature. This is the same as what you find on design tools such as Canva, as you drag elements around the page rulers to help you align everything will pop up and disappear as you need them.

In terms of building the different parts of a funnel (as described above), FunnelAir does this in an elegant way. You essentially get something known as a flow builder in many other tools, to let you see the whole funnel process visually. If you have no idea what I am talking about please look below 🙂

Great Templates

FunnelAir has an impressive amount of high quality funnel templates, something that is great to see for such a new product. In the few months that I actively used the product FunnelAir published a steady flow of new templates as well. The quality of some of these templates is really up there with the best in the industry.

Excellent Help Articles

You will never get stuck with FunnelAir, even though they are new they have a good amount of well written help articles to help you learn the platform. They even have a short video course for new users.

What Don’t We Like About FunnelAir?

Pages Not Lightning Fast

For a service that likes to market themselves as the fastest around, FunnelAir pages are fast but certainly not the fastest. I did a simple test of making a page in FunnelAir and another landing page builder I have access to Swipe Pages. Both are fairly new services, so I thought they would be good to compare.

The FunnelAir page came up with the following Google Pagespeed Insights Scores:

Followed by the same page in Swipe Pages….

As you can see, the FunnelAir page speed is more than decent, but they are still blown away by Swipe Pages. And as a lot of your customers will probably be on mobile, the mobile score is certainly one to pay attention to.

It’s a shame that they use speed as a major selling point but are not able to live up to this. And this is as a new service. I would be interested to see how this speed holds up as they get filled up with more and more clients 🙂

The Elephant in the Room

Right, here comes the interesting bit! You can see that so far I like the FunnelAir platform a lot. It is an awesome funnel builder with all the features anyone would wish to sell or promote their products online. Frankly, I was blown away with how good the builder was for such a new product.

Then FunnelAir put a spanner in the works! I woke up one morning to this message on their official Facebook page.

I had purchased the product from Pitchground as a Limited Time Deal (LTD) for $595, and FunnelAir had now suddenly decided they didn’t like this LTD platform and wanted to cut them off. Frankly, I was shocked and disappointed.

Didn’t they do their due diligence before agreeing to sign up with Pitchground? If they don’t like this service, why didn’t they just take this up with Pitchground directly and still honour the deal they had with their customers?

Instead, they decided to force us all to refund the product from Pitchground and re-buy from them directly. This is after Pitchground had done a lot of marketing on FunnelAir’s behalf to create a buzz and a lot of sales around their product.

To me, this just felt like a bad move from FunnelAir. It left a sour taste in my mouth and I decided to refund and NOT buy back from them directly!

Should You Buy FunnelAir?

This is a great example of why it is important for a business to treat it’s customers well. Even though FunnelAir as a product shows so much promise, I would never recommend this service for the simple fact I don’t trust them any more. Who is to say they wouldn’t pull a similar stunt in the future? Do you really trust such a company with your money directly? I certainly didn’t!

So let this be a lesson to all budding entrepreneurs out there. Think carefully before you make any big business decisions…..consider the impact you are having on your customers and the impressions you are giving about your company.

I know a lot of people won’t care about the ‘elephant in the room’ described above, especially when dealing with such a high-quality tool. For those people you can click HERE to find out more on the FunnelAir website.

For the rest of you, I would currently highly recommend a product I have been using heavily right now, Groove Pages. Made by the creator of powerhouse software startups such as Kartra, I have been loving what they offer for building funnels. You can start a free trial account HERE. We also have a full review on Groove Pages if you want more details on why I like it.