Globus VPN Browser Review: What’s the Deal?

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Welcome back to Top Dog Apps and another one of our reviews. Today I want to clear up the mystery of Globus VPN Browser, and let you know if it is any good as a VPN browser at the time of writing. If you have ever wondered whether you should use Globus VPN Browser, please read on….you may be surprised! (or not!!)

What is Globus VPN Browser?

Globus VPN browser is a Chromium based web browser that seems to have debuted around 2014 time. The difference with this Chromium web browser is that it comes with a VPN built in.

The idea is to make the whole process of using a VPN much simpler and easier. Rather than having to download, install and configure a separate VPN, you can get one that is built right into your web browser. Good idea, right? Maybe it will catch on 🙂

Who Would Use Globus VPN Browser?

A VPN (or virtual private network) would often be used to geo unblock websites or to hide your IP address for privacy reasons. A VPN will basically tunnel your internet usage through a tunnel to trick those on the other end to think you are using a different IP address in a different location.

Most people use VPN services to unblock website content abroad. Maybe you are a Brit abroad but still want to watch your favorite BBC shows on iPlayer. This can be made possible using one of these VPNs.

With a VPN browser such as Globus, they realized how popular VPNs were becoming and added it right into their browser.

Is Globus VPN Browser Still Usable Now?

When researching this article, I could only find links to download Globus VPN Browser from third party sites such as Softonic.

With a bit more searching, I did manage to find what I believe to be Globus’ official website: Unfortunately, this website is currently dead, and seems to have been for quite a while.

Using my favorite internet history tool Wayback Machine, I can see that this website started having activity since 2014, but hasn’t been a functioning website for quite a while.

When you see that the origin website of a product or service is down for this amount of time and only see third party sites hosting downloads of it, this usually means the project is dead.

However, to make absolutely sure I wanted to download an installer file from one of these third party sites and try it out (so you don’t have to).

It seemed a bit sketchy doing this, especially as the icon of Globus VPN Browser is the Guy Faulkes mask made famous from the ‘V for Vendetta’ movie!!

I should really have made a virtual machine and run the program inside that to be safe, but of course I am too lazy for that 🙂 So I just opted to scan the installer with MalwareBytes and be done with it.

I mean, I am pretty sure this was a legit software in its day, so I am sure I have nothing to worry about (famous last words!!).

Anyway, the scan came back negative and the installer installed Globus fine, although you can see below that the installer itself shows how old this software is…

The million dollar question is, does Globus VPN Browser still work. Well, yes and no!! Firstly, it opened fine and gave me that old school Chrome look. However, it was clear this was a very old version of Chrome indeed. When I went to the Chrome Web Store it told me that it wasn’t compatible with my version of Chrome. And I searched around for a way to update the browser, but couldn’t find any.

So, yes it does work. But, for security reasons, I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Weirdly, the browser didn’t have any obvious way to connect or disconnect a VPN. Was the VPN always running in the background or is the software broken because it is so out of date? We will never know!

Globus VPN Browser Review

All in all, the answer is NO, this product is no longer usable 🙂

Why Did I Write this Review?

As with my recent Wippien Review, I saw people still searching for Globus Browser in Google and asking about it in forums. The web pages out there weren’t explaining the situation well, so I thought I would clear it up by writing this short review!

I mean, I don’t want people wasting their hard earned time on an obsolete product do I!! Or worse, downloading and using an outdated Chromium based browser that could compromise their online security!

If you are in the market for a good VPN Browser, read below for more modern alternatives!

What Alternatives Do We Have?

Luckily, VPN browsers are quite common now and we have a few to choose from. I have been personally using VPN browsers for a while, mostly just to make Google think I am in America so I look at American Google Results!!

My favorite used to be Epic Browser, who used to have a VPN built right into it like Globus VPN Browser did. However, a while back they changed this to a VPN extension that you could optionally install, which made me think I might as well be using any other browser with a VPN extension 🙂

More Recently, I have been using regular Chrome with the Free Touch VPN Chrome extension. I find this works well, and I can opt out of all the cookies and trackers I want from regular Chrome.

However, I understand that some people don’t trust Chrome’s tracking blockers. I can see their point, as Google actually makes money from a lot of these trackers! If you are one of those people, I would recommend the Brave Browser instead of vanilla Chrome.

With those options, you will have a better VPN browser than Globus could ever manage 🙂

Just be aware that these are using free VPNs, which are fine for light users that just want to do browsing and light streaming use. If you are a heavier VPN user, I would recommend getting the cheap but excellent Ivacy VPN service. They have a 7 day trial, so you can try before you commit to anything.

Please comment below to let is know what your favorite VPN setup is!!