Gmelius Review: Level Up Gmail

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Today, I am looking at an up and coming productivity tool called Gmelius. This one is a bit different, as they are integrating their service into Google's Gmail service, adding an extra layer of productivity on top. If you are something that likes to stay organised, or if you work in a team of people, Gmelius offers to help organize your interactions and communications. But is it any good? Let's find out together! Here is my Gmelius review.

gmelius review

What is Gmelius?

So let's kick things off by asking what Gmelius is in the first place. They like to call themselves a 'collaboration platform' and that their main selling point is that you con connect with a team in one place, without the need to jump around different apps.

They have a suite of productivity tools that plug straight into your Gmail account, giving functionality similar to other popular productivity and project management tools.

These are the main features:

Shared Inboxes

You can take emails and turn them into a place that can be viewed buy any number of people in your team, known as a shared inbox. The obvious use case for this would be customer support, giving you a place where all your customer support team can be added to whatever customer support email your organization uses.

Email Tracking

Gmelius can track when your emails are opened or a link clicked within those emails.


Shared boards can be setup right inside a Gmelius enhanced Gmail account, for you to share information with your team. These are great for project management purposes such as to-do lists or to monitor progress.


You can add tags to any emails in Gmelius. This allows you to see the status of that email. For example, if you need to call them you could create a 'call now' tag to tell your team members.

Flow Builder

There is a flow builder that allows you to make pre-defined email flows to tackle common email inquiries that you might get. You can even set this up by scanning the subject lines for specific words or phrases and defining rules to tell Gmelius what to do with these messages.

For example, you could add a 'call' tag to anyone that needs to be contacted. You can also add notes to emails, tagging your co-workers and letting them know whats up 🙂


You can create templates for common emails or even board types that you use often in your business.

Email Notes

You can add notes to email messages and tag colleagues with '@' to get their attention.

Meeting Management

You can schedule and manage meetings in Gmelius too. You can show your calendar availability, send pre-meeting questionnaires and get alerted to upcoming schedules meetings.

Team Statistics

Gmelius has a reports section where you can view the performance of all of your team members. It's a great way to see how active each of your team members is at a glance.

I think you will agree that Gmelius has a lot to offer, with a complete set of productivity tools.

These features can be re-purposed for different use cases, from marketing or customer support to operations management. For example, you could set up shared inboxes and accompanying boards that show customer support emails and turn them into tickets for your team to work through. These can be arranged into a ticketing system like you would find on other customer support platforms.

How is Gmelius Integrated?

It's great having all of these new features, but how are they integrated into Gmail? Shared boards and emails are shown on the left side of Gmail, just under where your regular inboxes are shown. On the right side there will be a Gmelius menu bar that pops up/ This is where you can do everything else. You can also access a Gmelius dashboard that shows all of your options in one place. Just be aware that you must install the Gmelius Chrome extension for it to work.

It is also worth noting that Gmelius has a smartphone app for both iOS and Android too, allowing you to access Gmelius on the go too. This app comes well rated on both app stores and has most of the features that the desktop version of Gmelius has. They recently ported the meeting scheduler across to the mobile app too, so they are definitely committed to making their apps on par with the desktop equivalent. This is great, as I see way too many new companies rushing out under-developed and/or under supported apps.

Who is Behind Gmelius?

Gmelius was started in 2016 by Florian Bersier, an ex student of the University of Oxford. Before this Florian had been a cyber risk consultant, which sounds like an interesting line of work. He saw a gap in the market for email based collaboration tools and hence Gmelius was born. They are headquartered out of Switzerland.

How Much Does Gmelius Cost?

Now you know a bit more about Gmelius, lets now look at how much all this productivity gold will cost you 🙂

It's great that they offer a 7 day trial, and their price tiers range from $9 per user a month up to $49. One of their main competitors is Front App, and they are charging more like $9 to $80 a month. Tier for tier, Gmelius is often around 25% cheaper than their main competitor.

What Did we Like about Gmelius?

Generous Free Plan

In general the pricing of Gmelius is competitive when you compare with other tools on the market. The free plan is also generous, allowing you to get access to all of the main features of Gmelius. This is great if you only have a small team. For example, I produce content for a number of websites. I can totally see Gmelius being a great option for the small team I have. I can start on the free plan and only need to upgrade as my team and it's requirements increases.

Great Alternative to Traditional Project Management Tools

The suite of tools on offer here is on par with the features of other popular project management tools, often at a cheaper price. For example, Asana's lowest plan is $10.99 a month. Having these features located right in your email makes the whole process so much easier too. With a tool like Asana, you would have to have a seperate window open with your email. This is not the case with Gmelius. It really is an ingenious idea.

Amazing Help and Onboarding Process

I was really impressed with the help articles and on boarding process over at Gmelius. Straight away I got a message from the CEO and founder, with the offer of a 15 minute on boarding session.

It didn't end there though, on my first login I was guided through a full setup process. Videos would also pop up at key points to make sure I understood what to do next.

This was seriously one of the best software on boarding processes I have ever seen. This is so important for a tool with so many different functions. Good job Gmelius!

What Did we Not Like about Gmelius?

Gmail is Clunky

Gmail is not really my ideal choice of interfaces. I find it rather cluttered and clunky at the best of times, and prefer something more simplistic and sleek looking. You would have thought that Google would have come up with something better by now!! There is not a lot Gmelius can really do here, I would imagine they made this choice because Gmail is so popular. It makes me wonder if they could have had their own website portal connected to Gmail rather than doing everything in Gmail itself. It's not a deal breaker, just a minor gripe for me. I am sure a lot of other people love the Gmail interface 🙂


I don't know the technical reasons why they can only attach themselves to Gmail, it would have been great to connect to a wider range of email apps. It means that if you want to use Gmelius you must have a Gmail account. I mean, they are free and easy to get, but more flexibility with email providers would have been great!

Might feel Overwhelmed at first

There are a lot of functionalities that Gmelius adds. The problem is when you take an already clunky Gmail interface and add more to it, you get something that might feel a bit overwhelming to some in the beginning. The awesome help guides and on boarding process helps a lot with relieving this though.

Should You Buy Gmelius?

I have to say I have been really impressed with Gmelius. For such an early stage product it is already well developed and implemented. If you can get past the slightly clunky Gmail user interface, a virtual treasure trove of productivity and communication tools await.

In a world that is getting ever more digital, a tool like this is a must. As more teams collaborate online as appose to offices, many more people will find a use for Gmelius. I will certainly be integrating it into my own small team of content writers.

I have tried several other regular project tools such as Asana, but I find this method of direct email integration much better to work with. There is less need to jump around applications. Email is the tool most business' use the most, so it makes sense to integrate project tools into this. Whoever came up with this idea needs a gold star 🙂

So yes, I would whole heartedly recommend Gmelius, why not check it out on a free trial first if you are still not sure.

To find out more, simply click HERE to be taken to the Gmelius official website and get started.

Thanks for reading this Gmelius review, a tool that could be useful for many small to medium business’

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