Groove Pages Review: Best Clickfunnels Alternative?

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Welcome back to another software review from 'The Review Guy'! You may have seen I have been rather busy recently! Today, I am doing a review of Groove Pages, a hot new software coming on the page builder market! Is it any good? Is it just like any other page builder? Let's find out together! Here is my complete Groove Pages Review.

Before we get started, I want to declare that this review will be a full and honest one! Unfortunately, there are a lot of internet marketers out there that review all software five stars so they can get their commissions no matter what! Please note, we will not be one of them.

Groove Pages Review

What is Groove Pages?

Groove Pages is a funnel and page builder that will be a part of the Groove Funnels suite of products. At the time of writing this software is just coming out, so it doesn't have all the promised features included. We will review what exists today, with a view to coming back and updating this review at a later date!

At the time of writing you can use Groove Pages to build simple landing pages, websites and funnels to sell products. They do plan to release a blog component at a later date. They have said this will have all the key features from WordPress, the current king, when it comes to making blogs.

Groove Pages and the Groove Funnel idea was first presented and successfully funded by a Kickstarter style campaign. It has been actively worked on as a platform since early to mid 2019. At the time of writing, the main parts of Groove Pages and Groove Funnels is now being released to the public.

Who is Behind Groove Pages?

The driving force behind Groove Pages is undoubtedly Mike Filsaime. He is in the person you see most of the time in webinars and promotional material around anything Groove Pages related. Although Mike did set up the company Groove Digital with some of his business buddies such as John Cornetta and Matt Serralta. They do pop up from time to time in Webinars, but the main point of contact will be Mike.

I have to admit I have a bit of a love and hate relationship with Mike myself. He seems to have an excellent business mind, having already founded companies such as Kartra and Webinar Jam. A lot of his past projects are now big players in the internet marketing business world and maybe even a bit in the mainstream business world.

Clearly he has made a lot of money with these projects, and I am impressed that he is coming in to do it all again with Groove Digital. When we talk about Groove Funnels, we are not just talking about the page builder Groove Pages. They also plan on releasing a massive amount of other tools under the Groove Funnels umbrella.

This will include an affiliate platform (GrooveSell), a Webinar platform, and a mail autoresponder (GrooveMail). This will be end up being a full package of business tools under one roof, similar to Kartra or Builderall.

This is a massive project that Mike is taking on, so I do admire his appetite and drive. I have also watched several webinars he has done since purchasing Groove Pages. In these Mike does come across very passionate and knowledgeable about his new software. His enthusiasm can be infectious.

The side of Mike I don't like so much is the JV launch side. JV, or joint launch ventures (often associated with JVZoo) seem to spawn quite a lot of spammy and even low quality money making courses or software. Don't get me wrong, it has created some excellent software too, but a lot of them have this internet marketing slimey-ness (is that even a word??) to them! Actually, I almost passed on Groove Pages because of this background.

Although Groove Pages does seem to be a quality software, Mike hasn't helped himself here either by spamming me with other JVZoo style offers since I got onto his mailing list after signing up for the project.

How Much Does Groove Pages Cost?

This section will have to be updated in the upcoming months when everything is confirmed. The aim of Groove Funnels and Groove Pages is to make something cheaper and more feature complete than other offerings on the market. Mike often compares what he is doing here to Click Funnels, who charge from $97 a month for a very basic and limited service. However, Mike often talks about the base set of Groove Funnels apps (including Groove Pages) being $99 a month for full access.

At the time of writing you can still get into their special lifetime deal, although this will be ending soon. In fact, with the current pandemic going on the team are letting you setup a free account to get started with your Groove Pages journey. After reading this review, if you are interested now is a good time to start.

What Makes Groove Pages Special?

As I stated above, Groove Pages is looking to be a much cheaper and feature complete software compared to its competition. Here are some of the key features they are talking about on top of this.

  • Ease of Use. Groove Pages is a simple to use drag-and-drop style page builder. It has a simple and expert mode switcher to suit both user levels.
  • Fast Loading. Using Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Groove Pages looks to be one of the fastest loading page builders around.
  • Feature complete package with less need for addons. Look at all the plugins people use on WordPress websites, for example. Groove Pages wants to steer clear of this.
  • Conversion focused. Groove Pages is made with eCommerce and internet marketers in mind. They will give us highly converting templates, for a start.
  • Uses latest website building tech. Unlike many competitors that base their page builders on Bootstrap (an almost decade old technology), Groove Pages is based on Vue.JS, a more up to date and arguably better tech for this purpose.

What do we like about Groove Pages?

The Page Builder

It's a good job I like the page builder, as it's the main part of this product. I have used many page builders over the years, but this one is clearly the best for me! Closely followed by the Brizy page builder. This is an impressive start, and I am sure it will only get better!

A product I was promoting was offering a free landing page, but it was using a landing page builder I don’t have access to. Therefore, I decided to replicate the landing page on Groove instead. Along side this, I also tried to do the same on Brizy Cloud. The end result was much easier to achieve on Groove, and it opened my eyes to the flexibility and level of customization options they have.

There are already a wide variety of pre made blocks and elements you can use to create your pages, even this early on. And things that you might have to pay extra for elsewhere (such as pop ups and alert bars) are all present and included in the regular product.

Each element you add to the page also has an excellent amount of customization options. There is also a tab to turn expert mode on or off. This means if you don’t want to be confused by advanced options you can leave the expert mode off and let Groove do the hard work in the background. I have to say that I was never left wanting when it comes to customization options here. You can even add custom CSS if you want to get down and dirty in the code 🙂

The Team Behind it

Mike and his team have a great track record building successful and long lasting businesses'. This gives me confidence that Groove Pages will be around for a long time and developed to its full potential. Go watch one of Mike's webinars and you will hear his enthusiasm for the product and his passion to make it the best product in its sector.

Preview Options

Whilst building in Groove, I really liked the 5 levels of page previews available, all the way from mobile to desktop views. I haven’t seen any other builder with so many steps in between though, very helpful for the wide variety of devices people are viewing on these days.


The fact that the base Groove Funnels apps will be available for $99 a month makes it a great price point. When you look at the quality and quantity of software on offer (even at this early stage), it has been a no-brainer for me.

Pushing the Boundaries

The people over at Groove Digital don't just want to push out another stock page builder here, they want it to be the best and most innovative page builder around.

Mike is basically creating the dream software that he has always wanted for his own business and is personally making sure it gets there. A great example of the cutting edge nature of Groove Pages is the fact they will have a marketplace. Not just a marketplace to sell funnel templates (although that will be available). It will also include the ability for developers to add their own custom features to Groove Pages and sell it in the store. This would be a first for page builders as far as I know.

Trust me, I have tried a lot of page builders, and very few go the extra mile to add the features and functionality seen here.

User Interface

Groove Digital clearly has some great UI designers, as even this early stage version has a polished and easy-to-use interface. Whilst I learned Groove Pages, I rarely had to read up on any of the features. Most things are so easy to grasp I could work out just by 'playing around' with the software.

Unlimited Usage

With a fully paid up account you can make as many funnels, websites or landers as you want. I am getting sick of so many products restricting you and forcing you to pay higher subscriptions to unlock key features and scalability in your business. Not here!


Members get full access to the Groove Digital Academy, a place where weekly training webinars are uploaded for your perusal. This is already becoming a massive bank of lengthy trainings, a massive help for anyone getting into this new platform.

What don't we like about Groove Pages?

Early Stage

This is still a very early stage product, and you will find some bugs here and there. Nothing deal breaking for me so far, but it may annoy you all the same. The Groove Pages team are working hard to improve the platform though, as I always see new updates and additions. I am confident that with time it will be an excellent and fully rounded product.

The benefit of getting in this early is that (at the time of writing) you can still get lifetime access to Groove Pages, although this deal will be going away soon. If you don’t like subscriptions, you may still be able to catch this offer.

Confusing Naming Structure

I can see that Mike and his team want to create a brand, and they have gone with the Groove tagline for their products. You may have already felt confused reading my descriptions above though, as they have given each software function a different name. Groovemail, GrooveWebinar (or is it WebinarGroove now?), Groove Affiliate….. I could go on. And Groove funnels is the name of the overall suite of software used to make funnels.

For the life of me, I don’t know why they didn’t just give this one single umbrella name. All these sub names and sub brands would confuse most people 🙂

JV Background

As I eluded to above, Mike has created some amazingly successful software brands, but he is also deep in the JVZoo style culture. This endless flow of online marketing courses, software and such like that doesn’t give most people a great impression. They come across as too salesy and feature sales pages with all those usual internet marketing claims. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Mike has promoted scam products or anything, just that the JV world doesn’t always give the best impression from the outside looking in, in my opinion. Maybe it’s just me that feels this way! Lol!

Should I buy Groove Pages?

Is Groove Pages perfect? Not yet! But it has come a long way in a very short time. It is fast becoming my go to page builder, even this early on. I feel very excited by what I have seen so far!

If you can still get in on the current free account offering, why not sign up and have a play around for yourself. The lifetime deal is a great offer too, but it is going away soon as Groove gets ready for full launch. For me, if you can get in at this pricing it is a no-brainer.

I am not sure that Groove is fully worth the normal $99 a month subscription yet, but am confident it won’t be long before it is. I have no doubt that this will become a true competitor to the likes of Clickfunnels in time, and you have a chance to get in at the ground level at the time of writing.

I have always hated the cost and restrictions of platforms likes Clickfunnels, so this is the perfect opportunity to break away from them.

I have only been in the Groove family around a year, but I can already see that Mike has a great passion to make his new baby great 🙂 I have full confidence he will do so.

If you want to check out Groove Pages yourself, click HERE to go and get a free account (at the time of writing this is still available).

I hope I have introduced you to an exciting new tool for your online business 🙂

Disclaimer: My reviews are always full and honest. Yes, they may have affiliate links in where I can earn a small commission, but this never influences my rating. I want you to trust and come back to my reviews!