Livechat Review [Ultimate Chatbot?]

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Have you noticed that when you go to a website these days, there will be a chat bubble that will often pop up in the bottom right-hand corner? These are called chatbots and they are currently taking the world by storm. Today we are reviewing one of the most popular chatbots LiveChat. By the end of this review, you should know if LiveChat is right for your business!

Why Chatbots?

Chat bots are all the rage in modern business and for good reason! They offer a quick and easy place for your customers to get into contact with you. You can service multiple customers at the same time, by blending automated chatbot assistants with human ones. Hell, your customers even have a point of contact when it is the middle of the night and all live agents are offline 🙂

And it doesn’t stop there….chatbots can also be used to automatically gather leads and even sell products for your business….24/7! You can see why we have had this explosion on popularity of chatbots!

An article by Fast Company shows some of the successes business’ are having! Companies such as Expensify have been noting that chatbots have reduced their banking problem queries by 75%! Sephora have an automated Virtual Artist that lets customers try on different makeup shades, and has received literally millions of visitors. Subscription tracking company Trim has pretty much moved the bulk of it’s business onboarding process to an automated chatbot.

Clearly, chatbots are the future….

What are The Features of LiveChat

Fully Featured Chatbot

This is a mature chatbot with many features, including:

  • Sneak Peek – See what your customers are typing live.
  • Canned Responses- Save commonly used answers for faster and easier replies.
  • Tags- Easily give your customers tags as they progress through your chat, to easily segment them by needs or wants.
  • Rich Messages- You are not only restricted to text, you can liven up chats with image cards and carousels of products (for example).
  • Surveys- find out how your customers rate your chats.

Connect Across Multiple Platforms

LiveChat is available on a massive amount of platforms, from a simple website to a Shopify store to Facebook Messenger. They have so many integrations with LiveChat that you will even find more obscure platforms such as SnapCall on there.

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Mobile Apps

You won’t have to feel disconnected from your business on the move, as you will still be able to access LiveChat through Apple and Android smartphone apps.

Full Suite of Tools

This is not just a live chat, they also have tools to help you develop your business’ sales and ecommerce channels through LiveChat, as well as ticketing systems and team management tools.

How Much is LiveChat?

The way that LiveChat works is to charge you on the amount of agents, and then on top of that they offer tiers for the different tools on offer.

For example, the bottom ‘Starter’ tier will cost from $16 a month per agent. and includes the ticketing system and general chat functionality.

When you go up to the next ‘Team’ tier for $33 a month, you get more customization options and basic reporting functions (among other things). 

Just be aware that LiveChat itself is only for the customer service style chatbot and related ticketing system. If you want the conversational chatbot style you will need to subscribe to a plan for the ChatBot service. You can check out the chatbot service plans HERE.

When you compare to other mature customer service based chatbots like LiveAgent, it makes you realize that LiveChat’s pricing is not so bad after all for what it offers.

What Do We like about LiveChat?

Ticketing for All

The ticketing system functionality is available on all plans and would be a great help to most businesses that are dealing with customers on a daily basis!

User Interface

This is clearly a mature application, as the user interface is a work of genius. All the functionality you need is quickly accessible on one screen, with most key features being fitted into a rather nice looking side bar on the left.

This elegance and convenience is what will lift Live Chat above a lot of its younger and less developed competitors. There is nothing worse than having to jump from screen to screen when using software.

Established Company

Crazily for chatbot providers, LiveChat has been around since 2002! This means they have a well established product and infrastructure around it.

It also means they are a well known brand amongst other chatbots, so when your customers see the LiveChat branding on your chatbot they will know they can trust it!


LiveChat is flexible in two main ways….

Firstly, as it is available across so many platforms, it can be available wherever your customer base is, using apps they are familiar with. This allows you to have a massive reach, no matter what the makeup of your userbase is.

Secondly, it has a suite of tools that can scale with any business. If you are small and just need basic chat features, the basic plan will work for you. As you grow, the tool can grow with you.

With higher tiers you start getting access to better reporting and management tools for your team, for example.

Amazing Help Articles

I have been mightily impressed with the help articles that LiveChat have on offer. Most problems you may come across can be easily explained away by one of the detailed step-by-step articles in the LiveChat help center.

This includes onboarding articles that will walk you through the process of installing a chatbot if you have never done this before!!

What Don’t We Like about LiveChat?

Expensive for Solopreneur

Yes, LiveChat has a lot of functionality, but it can be on the expensive side for some solopreneurs or micro business’ Especially if you need some of the more advanced functionality and conversational chatbots!

Powered by LiveChat

The ability to white label LiveChat is only available on the highest pricing tiers, meaning that most people are stuck with the ‘Powered by LiveChat’ branding at the bottom of their chatbot window.

It is not the end of the world though, more of a minor annoyance. 

Should you Subscribe to LiveChat

If you are reading this article you must be thinking of using chatbots in your business. LiveChat is the most mature and fully fledged live chat platform out there. It offers everything any business could need and more, and allows you to scale as your business grows.

The thing is, changing live chat software is a pain in the ###, trust me I’ve tried! So I say start as you mean to go on, and go with the most trusted and fleshed out LiveChat you can get!

And, to be honest, for such a mature product the starting price of $16 a month doesn’t seem so bad!

Just be aware that this product is more based around customer service and ticketing systems. If you are looking more for a conversational chatbot with AI, I would take a look at Landbot instead HERE.

Best of all, Live Chat offer a 14 Day trial with no credit card required!

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If you still don’t believe us that Live Chat is good, read some of these real reviews from customers on Capterra.

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