RelayThat Review [CANVA KILLER?]

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As someone who has been around the technology block a few times, I can remember when graphic design was a complex thing, mostly done by actual graphic designers! Thanks to the wonder of online design apps, this has now been opened up to laymen like you and I 🙂 One such design app is being reviewed today, and it’s called RelayThat. But the million dollar questions are….. Is it just a Canva clone? Is it any good? Read on to find out….. Here is our full and honest RelayThat review!!

What is RelayThat?

Relay that is a ‘design automation tool’ that allows anyone to create graphics for anything from blog posts to Pinterest pins.

Here are some of the main features of RelayThat:

  • Brand management tools to unify branding across graphics.
  • Headline generator to help you come up with killer headlines.
  • One click resize.
  • Over 3 million free images.
  • Image SEO optimization
  • Color and Font Inpsiration

Is RelayThat Just a Canva Clone?

When it comes to online design apps, there is always the same elephant in the room! Is this just a clone of Canva? Canva is a titan in this space, I have used it and I am sure you have too. So the last thing we want is to leave Canva just to go to something else exactly the same!

Luckily, RelayThat has it’s own unique nature. The brand management tools are a big difference for me. They enable you to set up a brand page with key colors and other elements which will feature in any design you make under that brand. This makes it quick and easy to make all types of graphic designs whilst still retaining key brand colors and styling.

Also, the problem with Canva is everyone is using it! This means you can spot a Canva design a mile away! So using RelayThat allows your designs to be more unique and less likely to blend into all those Canva wielding marketers!

How Much is RelayThat?

The Pro plan for RelayThat is $25 a month. A lot of people may scoff at that and say ‘Canva is only 12.95 a month!’. However, if you look at the feature set of RelayThat, it is more inline with the Enterprise tier pricing over at Canva which is $30 per user per month. As RelayThat gives you two users for that account, it is almost half the price.

What Do I Like about Relaythat?

Effortless Design for Each Brand!

I currently run around ten different brands with my online business portfolio. RelayThat makes it so easy for me to make designs tailored to specific branding for each one.

I love the way it is organised with workspaces. You simple make a workspace for your brand, make its brand page (with all the colors and other assets for that brand) and you are good to go. You have a totally separate area in the app only for that brand. Even pictures you upload are automatically only shown in the workspace it is uploaded to.

Even with ten brands, I never feel overwhelmed or confused. RelayThat’s implementation makes the whole process simple and easy to follow.

Unique Design

As I said before, the world and his dog is using Canva right now. When I used to use Canva I would see other people’s graphics and think they were my own! With RelayThat I have a look and feel that is more individualized to my brand and business.

Quickly Design for Multiple Formats

To give my own situation as an example, I often need to make a blog featured image, along with a Twitter and Pinterest image for the same article (one after the other). With RelayThat I can make the first one and easily use the same design, just tweaking it slightly for each different platform. This makes it so much faster for me to make mutiple graphics for each of the blog posts on my sites!

With the amount of social media sites growing every year, this makes my business much more efficient!

Great Selection of Designs

RelayThat uses some kind of algorithm to take a set amount of elements and make an unlimited amount of designs out of them. Simply add your images and titles and hunt the layouts section for one that you like. I find that this is an excellent way to find some unique designs that you like, although you will see a weird design here and there that the algorithm has messed up! Robots are not perfect…..YET!! ha ha!

Color and Font Help

As someone who is not the most creative in the world, I love the ability in RelayThat to get help with the color and font combinations of my brands. Labeled in the ‘ideas’ tab, they have endless combinations you can choose from.

What Don’t I Like about Relaythat?

Not Total Control

Each design has a set amount of text boxes and images. Yes, there are a lot of them but it can be annoying if you want to customize a design more heavily. You can tick each image and textbox to let the app know you want to use it on this design.

You can change the size and location of each of these by clicking on them, dragging and dropping until your heart’s content 🙂 Although I don’t know why they don’t just let you add your own text boxes! I suppose they are scared you are going to stray too much from the original design.

For me, I only ever have to lightly change designs in RelayThat, as I find most elements are already looking great 🙂 If you are more picky, this may start to get more annoying!

Should you buy Relaythat?

I have been using RelayThat for over a year now and it has become a staple part of my business when it comes to making graphics for my different brands. It is to the point where I can’t live without it.

Is it the perfect design app? No! But it is more than up to the job, and the time saving branding tools just make it a no-brainer if you own or run multiple brands!

If you want to check RelayThat out for yourself, you can click HERE to get the lowdown from their official website.

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