SerpRobot Review [Best SERP Checker?]

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Welcome back to Top Dog Apps, and today we are looking into the world of SERP checkers and one that is aptly named SERPRobot. Ever wondered if hiring robots to do your SERP ‘dirty work’ was a good idea? Read on…

What is SERPRobot?

SERPRobot is a rank tracker for people that want to rank their content in the Google search engine. For example, Bob over there has just written an awesome article on why hedgehogs smell so bad and wants to see how it ranks in Google. By entering your website and keyword for that article, SERPRobot will help you check this.

You can choose to ask SERPRobot to check this anything from every 2 hours to 365 days. You can also choose for them to check your ranking in different Google locales, languages, and even devices.

Over time, SERPRobot will check the progress of the keywords for your websites and provide statistics for as long as you have been checking them. You will see information such as the current ranking, best ranking, worst ranking and even a nice graph of how your ranking has changed.

How is SERPRobot Different?

Frankly, SERPRobot is a pretty basic product, but there is one way it stands out. Rather than talk about pricing in the normal way they talk about hiring robots (as in physical machines) to check your rankings. They even have cute pictures of robots on their site to back this up.

It is interesting how this approach can work on a psychological basis for us (the customers). The thought of little robots toiling away on our keywords almost has a satisfying feeling to it (in my opinion). I think it is a genius move in terms of marketing a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rank tracker.

How Much is SERPRobot?

Each SERPRobot you ‘hire’ will cost you $9.99 a month and can do 300 keywords checks (including regular updates). At the time of writing they have a special offer where the robots are only $4.99 a month.

What Do We Like About SERPRobot?

Does One Thing Well

With tools these days getting increasingly more complex, in a way it is nice to find one that narrows it down to one simple service (and does it well). The rank tracking is fast and accurate, giving any website owner excellent actionable rank tracking information.

In fact, the whole platform is refreshingly simple, meaning you can literally learn how to use it in minutes. I know the other rank tracker I use has so many menus with features hidden away I am still learning about them now!

If SERP rank tracking is what you want, here it is plain and simple.

Clear Pricing

This simplicity is also carried through to the pricing. You simply choose the number of robots you would like to ‘hire’ to meet the size of your business. Have 1200 keywords spread across several websites…no worries, simply hire 4 SERP bots 🙂 This concept of hiring robots is so much simpler than the complex paid plans of their competitors.

The only downside to this is that there is no discount as you scale. In this day and age most people expect to get some kind of volume discount as they buy bigger plans.

Frequent Checks Don’t Cost More

I like the fact that you can choose any frequency of keyword checks without any additional cost. Want all 1200 keywords refreshed every 2 hours? You got it, no worries.

The only gripe I may have with this is why should anyone check keyword rankings every 2 hours? Seems a bit excessive! And because it has no additional cost, surely most people would choose this even if they don’t really need it just because they can…..causing an extra burden on the SERPRobot resources! Anyway, I suppose that’s not my problem and as long as the service runs smoothly who cares 🙂

Cheap and Cheerful

I can remember when I stumbled across this tool for the first time, I thought it was a free community run project or something. Then when I found out it was a paid service, I expected it would be dirt cheap. And this pretty much followed through!

Compare SERPRobot to one of the new entrants into the market, and they want $23 a month for 250 keywords tracked. So SERPRobot is pretty much half of the cost of this new entrant. When looking at more established players in the SERP tracking field the cost difference is even more! True that the competition will often have more bells and whistles for that extra cost, but if you just want quick and cheap rank tracking SERPRobot is a great place to start.

What Don’t We Like About SERPRobot?

Early 2000 Design

This design is seriously out of the late 90s and early 2000s. It looks like a community run project from this period and not a commercial one. Who knows, maybe it once was. Wherever it came from, the design has no place in this day and age. With website design being so easy and cheap these days, for the life of me I don’t know why they are still running this ancient design. I am sure they are losing a lot of customers from the look of the site alone!

Not Flexible

To monitor a website, you usually start a project and add the domain of your website to that. The problem is that the settings are only available at the project level. For example, I can only choose the frequency of keyword checks at the project level. Got some major keywords you want to check more or minor ones less? You would have to start a new project for these, something that will quickly get confusing.

For me, this pretty basic functionality that should be in any paid tool of this nature.

Confusing UI

Along with the bad design of the platform in terms of look, the feel is also not far behind. Menus are from the 90s and can look funky at the best of times. Its the kind of user interface I had to deal with in 90’s forums! If you want to see how bad it is look below 🙂 Please SERPRobot update your website and UI design!

Help Articles?

There are literally no help articles on the whole site or chatbot for premium support if you have questions. Yes, the platform is very simple and easy to learn, but it would be nice to see at least a few help articles on the service. I am so used to seeing most modern tools having oceans of amazing help articles, so SERPRobot’s offering was disappointing to say the least.

What’s My Verdict on SERPRobot?

SERPRobot does what is says on the tin at a cheap price, and nothing more! If you want the latest tool with all the bells and whistles, this product is not for you. If you simply want a no nonsense way to track the keywords of your website and how they rank on Google, SERPRobot is one of the cheapest and simplest services around! I can forgive the bad design and lack of support when you are getting such a solid service at a bargain basement price.

I know a lot of website owners that swear by SERPRobot, and I can see why.

Should You Subscribe to SERPRobot?

This is what I will say. If you are new to website ownership, SERPRobot is the perfect starting point. You can get up and running quickly and cheaply.

However, when your business starts to grow I would highly recommend another service called Rank Tracker. You see, as someone who has run websites for a while now, I literally have thousands of keywords to check. In Rank Tracker, I can get unlimited keywords tracked for $149 a year. Not only this, Rank Tracker can offer a wider variety of information on your rankings than SERPRobot, something you may want as your business matures.

When you get to such a high level in your business, this is when it makes sense to switch to Rank Tracker. I have personally been using it for many years and swear by it!

Check out Rank Tracker (by SEO Powersuite) by clicking HERE.