Viddyoze 3.0 Review: Video Content King?

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I love using video in my business, especially for making cool Youtube and social media adverts. A new tool has come on the scene called Viddyoze, who are pushing themselves hard with adverts all over the place. I wanted to give them a try and stack them up against my current favorite video creating tools InVideo and Offeo. So here’s my Viddyoze review 🙂

I see a lot of 'fake' reviews online of affiliate marketers saying this product is amazing simply to earn a commission. This will not be one of them! This is a full and honest review based upon my experience of actually buying and using Viddyoze.

Back in the day, you needed a pretty beefy computer to make and process your video creations. These days, online only video editors like Viddyoze are allowing us to put this strain onto their servers. You can create your videos anywhere that has an internet connection. Anyway, on with the review!

What is Viddyoze?

As we said in the intro, Viddyoze is an online only video creation tool. It allows you to create and render your videos in the cloud.

It is pretty much all the standard stuff that you would see in offline video editors but online! They have templates, animations for any objects and text you add, color filters to make your videos have the brightness and look that you want. Ready made intro and outro animations, call to actions, transitions etc. etc. You get the idea, pretty standard video editing stuff.

The only vaguely different thing they have is what they call 'ground breaking live action animations'. For example, rather than having a regular fade in and out effect for your logo, you can have it sprayed on the wall by real people 🙂

If you go and read the Viddyoze sales page, they are shouting from the hills about this product being groundbreaking and innovative. I don't really see this. They actually talk more about how video can increase your click through rates and help you make attention grabbing experiences online. Not so much about Viddyoze unique features 🙂 Online video editors have been around a while at this point, and are pretty common place. I don't see much here that excited me so far.

The Viddyoze founders keep referring to their product as a video animation platform, but in reality this just means they have animations in their service that you can customize with your own logo or whatever, and add to your videos. This is nothing special, I already do this exact same thing with Offeo right now!

viddyoze 3.0 review

Who is behind Viddyoze?

Viddyoze was launched in 2015 by David Chamberlain, Jamie Garside and Joey Xoto. This launch was done on a platform popular with affiliate marketers called JVZoo.

Viddyoze is currently housed in Manchester in the UK. Joey has a background as an sales and account manager, before starting a company called Smart Video Persuasion which created digital info products. I am pretty sure this is the guy you see in a lot of Viddyoze's online advertising videos. David Chamberlain was a trainee accountant before co-founding a mobile website building company called Mobelio. This lasted for 6 years and was probably what got David interested in building software. Jamie Garside has a real digital marketing background, being a director of a related company called Thinklive solutions.

How much does Viddyoze cost?

As this product is still quite new, they are still selling a 'special discounted price' of $77 one-time for the personal version. This gives you up to 30 renders a month and 170 professional templates. The commercial version is $97 one time for unlimited renders and the ability to resell your videos to clients.

Viddyoze heavily advertise on social media and often have other pricing plans for the deals they push in these adverts. I actually picked up Viddyoze personal for $67 after clicking through one of their Facebook ads (or was it a YouTube ad, I forget).

What do we like ABOUT Viddyoze?

The Price

The price of Viddyoze is competitive, in that it is the same cost as a pretty cheap and regular offline video editor. A prime example of this would be Wondershare Filmora 9, which costs just under $70 for a lifetime licence. It is nice to not have to worry about monthly fees and such like.

Help Guides

Viddyoze has some excellent help guides available to guide you through your initial steps with the software. The main part of this are tutorial videos that walk you through the main features of the platform. When you first sign in to your new Viddyoze account they also have some decent on boarding elements to make sure you don't get lost.

I am afraid this is about the extent of what we like when it comes to Viddyoze. Now lets get onto……

What don't we like about Viddyoze?


I am really not a fan of the method used here to produce videos. You basically choose a template and then follows steps to customize the elements made available. You can add your logo and change things such as pictures, videos, text and colors. This varies depending on the template selected. This becomes very limiting and you cannot really make videos that are unique. Everyone that uses this platform will have similar looking outputs. I can do the exact same things in other fully fledged video editors, and then have other option on top. Viddyoze is limiting itself to a very basic way of producing videos. It is mostly only good for logo real videos!

Please bring back video editing staples such as video editing timelines and let is make our own custom videos. I really don't see the point of this platform!


My base version of Viddyoze came with around 100 or so templates. These are not finished templates for whole videos, although some are. A lot are also logo reveal animations, intros and outros and such like. I was disappointed at the amount of complete templates for whole videos I saw. This made the process of making a video much slower. It was hard to find a complete template to pick, customize and run with in a short amount of time. This meant that most times I would have to piece together my videos myself using the smaller elements available. It works, but it is much slower than what I have found with my other favorite online video makers.

The other thing is that a lot of the templates seem dated to me. The effects used often lead to something that would of been popular maybe five to ten years ago. Most of the templates often here simply didn't look modern or 'cool' enough for me to use online. I am going to relate this to my favorite video platform for making cool video animations Offeo. Yes, I know the name is weird, I am sure they will re-brand at some point 🙂 But some of the templates they have over there to make cutting edge splash and exploding logo reveals put Viddyoze to shame.

All Hype

When you look at the sales page of Viddyoze, they are hyping their product beyond believe. It comes across as very sales orientated. They are telling you this is the number one online animation tool, whereas in reality in the form I bought it there isn't much to make this platform special. The sales page sells you on this revolutionary video creating platform to solve all your business worries, then you login and the feeling is somewhat low key. It's just a basic video making platform with a few gimmicks thrown in. As this product originated from JVZoo, I am frankly not surprised at this approach. A lot of software that I see coming out of there leans on this marketing approach. The guys are pro digital marketers dressing their 'mutton up as lamb' 🙂

Terms of Use

As I was reading through their terms of use, I read this:

"When you upload or post content to our site, you grant us a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable licence to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform that content in connection with the service provided by the website and across different media."

This essentially means that they can use any of your user made content within your account without any further permission needed. If there are any lawyers out there please tell me if I am wrong. Usually on other services I have the opportunity to make my content and templates private if I want. On Viddyoze that doesn't seem to be the case. I am not sure how much Viddyoze actually make use of this clause, but it is worrying that it exists all the same.

Too Many Up-Sells and 'Pushy Tactics'

When you go through a Viddyoze sales funnel you feel like you are being put through the ringer. You jump at the great sounding $67 deal (or whatever they are offering at the time) and click the purchase button. But your journey is far from over!

For me, I was immediately presented with a Template Club subscription to get a massive upgrade in the templates available in the software. Hang on, I thought I was buying the ultimate video creator and now I need to upgrade my templates?? And the around $40 a month they were asking for was ridiculous. I felt like I has been baited into a one time deal to only find out I need to pay a monthly fee to get the most out of the product!

But, it wasn't over. I then got ANOTHER up sell after refusing the Template Club. This was a one off $47 to get access to extra premium templates. By this point I was rather annoyed. Unfortunately, up sells are becoming a popular part of selling online! I for one hate them. You go into the process thinking you are getting one thing and come out the other side realizing the reality is totally different.

And even that is not the end of it! As a basic user, Viddyoze try to up-sell me at every opportunity. I have a permanent (and very ugly) upgrade now button on my platform. Whenever I render a video, I get an an ugly message telling me to upgrade on the render page! Even the welcome letter when I first logged in included a link to a 'setup video' that was actually another up-sell for the template club. This whole thing is very annoying!!

Should you buy Viddyoze?

If you haven't worked it out so far, I am not a big fan of Viddyoze. It is all smoke and mirrors and marketing hype. This is not a revolutionary platform or anything vaguely exciting. It is just a run of the mill video making online platform. Can you make decent videos with it? In a limited way, yes! But I am already using way better tools than this, that end up costing less. The base version of Viddyoze becomes pretty much worthless without the extra templates when compared with the competition. Then if you pay $47 a month for templates there are way better options.

Go take a look at Offeo. In comparison to Viddyoze it will blow you away with it's ability to make innovative and cutting edge marketing videos. Go see for yourself over at the official Offeo page. They offer a free trial, and the paid version is only $19 a month.

Viddyoze say they are great for creating quick animations, but I can do the exact same things (and they look better) in Offeo, as long as having the ability to make more custom and fully fledged videos too!

The only issue with Offeo is that it only allows videos of up to 3 minutes. For longer videos I would recommend InVideo, a great product for longer form video content. What I love are the wide selection of ready made full video templates. Often, I can have my whole video done and looking great in a matter of minutes. Check out Invideo for yourself by clicking HERE.

Trust me, after seeing those other two video platforms you will realize how mediocre and lacklustre Viddyoze is! Its a shame they didn't put more of their money into developing a better software rather than using it to pummel us with video ads and pro marketer sales pages'. It's just a bunch of tacky templates with limited customization options in the end!

If after all this, you still want to check out Viddyoze yourself, simply click HERE to go see their main page.

Hopefully today we helped you find a video tool that will suite your business, something that is becoming increasingly important in this digital world.

Disclaimer: My reviews are always full and honest. Yes, they may have affiliate links in where I can earn a small commission, but this never influences my rating. I want you to trust and come back to my reviews!