WifiMask VPN Review [Top Dog Service?]

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Welcome back to Top Dog Apps and another one of our (hopefully informative) VPN reviews. In the current climate when you hear the word mask you probably think about face masks almost straight away! But this same word is also used in a VPN service too!! But is WifiMask any good? If you have the slightest interest to find out, please read on 🙂

What is WifiMask VPN?

WifiMask VPN is a VPN service that comes out of Holland (otherwise known as the Netherlands). They seem to be a pretty bog standard VPN service all things considered. The only major stand out feature is the fact they offer an iOS plan totally separate from other plans. This is the first time I have seen anyone making a VPN plan specifically for a mobile platform, so that it quite interesting to me.

Otherwise, everything else is a pretty bog standard (in my opinion). These are the main features they talk about on their website:

  • Strong “top secret” level encryption
  • Teleporting (jokingly referring to the fact you can pretend you are located somewhere you are not!)
  • Ad blocking feature to speed up your connection
  • Kill switch to stop data leakages when reconnecting to their servers
  • 21 servers in 8 countries
  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Devices

WifiMask VPN is run by two brothers from Holland, that first started the service in 2015, so they are still pretty new to the VPN industry.

How Much is WifiMask VPN?

As this product is based in Europe, the pricing below is in Euros FYI.

WifiMask VPN operate one of the simplest pricing schemes I have seen on any VPN. You can take an iOS plan only for €4.99 a month or €29 if you sign up for the whole year. On the other hand, you can sign up to all platforms for €9.99 a month or €49 for a full year. At first glance, these seem like pretty competitive prices. Especially if you are looking for an iOS specific plan.

What Do We Like About WifiMaskVPN?

Blazingly Fast

Usually in my tests I compare the VPN I am reviewing to my current gold standard product Pure VPN (which is what I personally use when I need a VPN). I am used to services falling short of their speed, but this case was totally different!

The first thing I usually do is run a simple speed test to Los Angeles and London using a Sanfrancisco & Washington Server, however WifiMask don’t have a Washington server, so I opted for Toronto instead.

Starting with the San Fran server, these are the speed tests this service gave me:

The London result was pretty much the same as what I got from Pure VPN, but the Los Angeles result was around double what I got from them. With a download speed of 122Mbps, I was impressed.

I also download a 1GB test file and time how long it takes, as I like the idea of doing a real-world test. This was achieved in 1 minute 54 seconds on this San Fran server, versus 2 minutes 41 on Pure VPN. Again, considerably faster.

Was this a fluke? Let’s try the Toronto server to find out….

These are the Speedtest results I got from WifiMask:

As you can see above, this server also had impressive speeds. Pure VPN’s Toronto server managed 17.1 Mbps download and 2.5 upload to Los Angeles, and 23Mbps download and 3 upload to London. So the Wifimask server literally tore it apart!

The 1GB test file downloaded in 2 minutes 13 seconds on this Toronto server, whereas the Pure VPN server did it in 3 minutes and 1 second. The real-world test wasn’t as far apart as I had thought, suggesting that WifiMasks blazing speeds are not totally consistent over longer periods of time.

All in all I am really impressed with their speeds though, some of the best of any VPN I have had the pleasure of testing.

Free Trial

I sometimes feel that the free trial is a bit like the golden unicorn in the world of VPNs. They do exist but it is pretty rare frankly. Even a lot of bigger VPN companies don’t offer free trials.

Therefore, I was overjoyed to see that WifiMask offer a 3 day free trial to their VPN servers. Not only that, but they don’t even require a credit card to get started! This is a great move for such a fledgling VPN company, and I am sure this will get them more supporters!

The only downside to this is after your trial is up, they will automatically subscribe you to a plan and start sending invoices. I found this a bit weird and unnecessary. A simple email saying your trial is over and ‘would you like to subscribe’ would have been a much more elegant solution!

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Although they begrudgingly state that this is because of EU law (being based in Europe and all), it is great to see that they have a decent 14 day money-back guarantee. You might be surprised how many VPN services don’t offer such a guarantee, even some big ones!!

Unlimited Devices

It is quite common these days to see unlimited bandwidth on a VPN service. However, it is very rare to see any service offering the ability to connect unlimited devices. Most services offer 5-10 simultaneously connected devices at best.

The downside for this for me is that if they get very popular, I wonder if this policy might start overloading their servers. With unlimited connections, you could in theory share your account with ALL your friends and family!!


If you are looking for an iOS plan, this has to be one of the cheapest around. It’s just a shame that they don’t offer a similar deal on Android yet (maybe they are waiting for their native Android app to come out). If you have an Apple phone and use it for most of your internet usage, this service could be tailor made for you.


The Website and app design for this service is amazing, in my opinion. They must have some epic designers on hand (surprising for such a small company). Everything they produce has that modern and sleek feel, something I wish I could say for a lot of other fledgling competitors they are going up against in the VPN market!

Big Company Feel

WifiMask really manage to give that ‘big company feel’, which really helps them gain trust with me. On top of their sleek and modern design, they also have everything a VPN should have in place and professional looking to boot!

For example, some smaller and/or newer VPNs may have shoddy or non-existent privacy policies. Not WifiMask, who have one that looks like it was taken straight from one of their ‘big boy’ competitors.

Add to this the fact they have a free trial and a solid money-back guarantee, and it is clear this is a company that wants to do things right and operate like a titan of their industry!

Privacy Focused

WifiMask VPN tell you in their promotional material that your data is safe with them (basically). That they don’t log your usage on their servers and just collect some basic information for your account subscription. More importantly, this is backed up in their privacy policy.

When you read that privacy policy, you will see how serious they are about your privacy. They clearly and categorically list all the information they do and don’t collect. This is something all VPNs should do, but a lot still don’t do this well.

What Don’t We Like About WifiMaskVPN?

Lack of Servers

Although the servers I tried are incredibly fast, the amount of servers and their locations are more limited than what I am used to with Pure VPN.

I understand that it might be hard for such a small and new company to maintain the quality of server they currently have across a wider network.

The fact remains though, that if server quantity and location variety are your thing, this is not the service for you.


For a privacy based company, Europe is not exactly one of my top choices for location……in fact it would be pretty low down in my pecking order.

Holland is currently not an ‘enemy of the internet’ but it is one of the 9 eyes countries. If you are looking for assurance that your VPN activities won’t be looked into by governments, Holland is not the best option.

Pricing Plans

Although this service is pretty cheap, I find the choice of only a one month and year subscription option a bit limiting. My current plan with Pure VPN is currently a five year one and works out way cheaper than what is on offer here. WifiMask should look into offering something similar if they want to compete.

No Native Windows, Linux or Android Apps

I am on Windows and it’s a bit of a chore to get this VPN up and running. They use the Open VPN application right now and do provide pre-configured settings files for each server you simply drag and drop onto Open VPN. It’s still pretty simple, but I would still much prefer a native app from the company themselves.

It doesn’t help that the instructions on the WifiMask website are pretty basic. I had to work out what to use as my username and password to log into the servers on Open VPN myself. Granted, it’s not rocket science, but they should include more complete instructions all the same.

Should You Subscribe to WifiMaskVPN?

It is great seeing a new business really firing out of the gates with a level of integrity not always seen in competitors. WifiMask VPN certainly give off the impression they want to do business in the ‘right way’, something that I believe helps them immensely as a fairly new entrant to the market.

I have to say this product got me the closest I have been for a while to giving up Pure VPN. I liked the lightning fast servers and the quality of service on offer. Although, in the end I am still paying less with my 5-year plan with Pure. And as someone that wishes to keep my online activities private, I don’t like the idea of going with a company based in Holland.

So for most people, I would still recommend you check out Pure VPN instead.

The only caveat is if you want an iOS only service. If that is the case and you don’t mind the fact you are dealing with a Dutch VPN, WifiMask VPN would be the obvious choice for you. I just wonder how big that market really is!!