Wishpond Review: All-in-one Marketing Suite!

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Welcome to our Wishpond review. I have been using this all in one marketing suite for some time now, and thought it might be a good idea to let you know what I think to the platform. Wishpond seems to be a perfect set of tools for anyone wishing to market their business online. Whether you are a digital marketer or an owner of a physical business, Wishpond could seem attractive. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out together!

What is Wishpond?

Wishpond is an online suite of tools that can be used to promote a business online. Here are the main ones….

Landing Page Builder

With Wishpond you can build one paged web pages to promote your business, otherwise known as landing pages if you are a internet marketing geek 🙂

Contest Creator

Wishpond allows you to create viral contests with their platform. These are essentially competitions that you use to generate interest (and hopefully emails) for your business.

Email Autoresponder

Yes, you heard me right, Wishpond does also come with an email autoresponder. So you can use it to send out automated emails from your business.

Website Popups

These are promotional popups that we have all seen on most websites that we visit. They pop up to ask us if we want to join a mailing list or buy a course 🙂 Whether they are used on a website you own or one you have permission to promote on, they can be very handy 🙂

Email Newsletters

Wishpond has the ability for you to create graphically rich and professional looking email newsletters.

But is Wishpond any Good??

It’s all well and good saying that Wishpond is the ‘swiss knife’ of internet marketing, but we still don’t know if each element is actually any good! Well, that’s what I intend to tell you now. I am going to go over each element and let you know my experience. Hopefully, this will give you an idea what Wishpond could do for you 🙂

Wishpond Review

The New Builder

I want to start off by talking about the new drag and drop builder that Wishpond have introduced. At first, they only had what they called the column based editor. It worked fine, but it was a more old school and boxy way of working in my opinion. With the new Canvas Editor they have made everything drag and drop and therefore much more intuitive.

I am talking about this first, as this is what you will be using the most whilst on the Wishpond platform. Whether you are designing a newsletter, popup or landing page, this page builder will be what you are using. And actually I really like it (it’s a good job really!!) Why do I like it? As someone who has used other drag and drop building systems, this just came naturally to me. It was quite rare that I got stuck, and I found I could get my designs looking exactly how I wanted with minimum of fuss!

Whenever you drag objects around on your page, it will show lines to help you line it up with other objects there. There is a simple menu on the left hand side that contains all the elements you could ever want to add to your page. From countdown timers to social sharing buttons, its all there. And if you want to embed things from other software, it is simple to do with the HTML embed option. I did this to import a quiz for one of my landing pages and it went without a hitch.

This page builder also incorporates preview options for mobile, desktop and tablet views. I find this incredibly useful to test what my page might look like. With their old legacy builder I sometimes saw glitches here, but not any more with the new Canvas Builder. And even cooler than this is the introduction of the ‘optimize layout’ button. If you press this it will magically readjust your page and everything on it to best suite that screen size. A few times, I have created a page in desktop and gone to mobile only to find the sizes and proportions all wrong. With this ‘optimize layout’ button everything is usually sorted in one click! Amazing!

And if this new builder can’t do exactly what you want, you can even add your own CSS to the page. I have to say that I have never felt the need to do this, as the flexibility of the builder has been more than enough for me.

As the core of the Wishpond platform, I feel that they have done an excellent job with this new drag and drop builder. It really elevates the whole ease of use of the platform. I actually enjoy using it now!

Landing Pages

With all that page builder talk out of the way, lets get into the meat and two potatoes of the landing pages you can make over at Wishpond. I am not going to say any more about the actual building process, as that was explained enough above!

The first thing to talk about is the landing page templates on offer. There is around 30 of them at the time of writing, and (to me anyway) they offer a good mix. You have some with big hero images in the background, as well as simpler headline only versions. These templates do make it easy to whip up a quick landing page in a matter of minutes. And a modern and pro looking one at that! I have used many landing page builders in my time, and the range of templates here is one of the best and most varied.

These pages have a wide range of settings to. Everything has been carefully thought out. What a favicon on your page? No problem, add it right in. Not sure about this being your best landing page option? No worries, there are A/B testing capabilities built right in! Worried about tracking your conversion on the page? Guess what, you can set up form and button tracking or add a pixel no problem! You get the idea, right? Anyone using Wishpond for marketing has all of the options they could possibly need, all in one neat platform! There are even specific settings for visitors from the European Union! Now that’s cool 🙂

Website Popups

These follow pretty much the same route as the landing pages! You are using the same awesome builder, you have around 30 templates to choose from. Anything from coupon code popups to simple email collection lead magnet versions. And these popups come in all different forms. Some can be thing bars at the top or bottom of the page, they can be rectangular types in the middle of the page or even in the bottom corners! If you want popups, you have them here by the bucket loads!

Your design options similar to the landing pages, with some additional options for placement and animation of the popup. As you can see from the example below, the end result can look stunning.

Email Autoresponder

Now let’s move onto the email autoresponder, another key tool that Wishpond offers it users. The nice thing is they already have some pre-made flows in place, something you don’t always see in some of the popular stand alone email platforms. These include some common ones such as cart abandonment and welcome emails 🙂

The main nuts and bolts of this comes down to the flow builder. Most people that use email autoresponders these days are wanting to build ever more complex automated flows to send their clients through. The way Wishpond handle this is through a text based system, as you will see in the screenshot below. Personally, I prefer using a visual drag and drop builder, as it is easier to see the overall flow (especially when making more complex automations).

After a bit of playing around, I was able to make some good flows here though. It has alot of the functionality of the very expensive big boys in the email marketing world. The only thing I couldn’t find here were tags you can apply to the people in your flows. Although you can add them and take them away from lists, so maybe you could use this to achieve a similar result! You can create complex conditions though, including whether they have viewed a certain page, email or campaign in the past. You can also A/B test the emails in your flow, which is very handy for seeing which ones do best.

So, is the email the best on the market? No. However, it competes well against the big boys in the market, who are standalone services. That is impressive for a suite based product.

Contest Creator

Viral giveaways and contests have been very popular over recent years, and it is great to see that Wishpond offers this option. Standalone contest creators are often quite expensive too! The first thing to say, is I like the creativity in the templates on offer for the contests. From Pinterest pin contests to leader board referral competitions, Wishpond has you covered. There are 11 in total, which is pretty impressive. Even an essay contest one! Ha ha! The designs of these templates looks great too!

As well as being able to use these contests on your own websites or Wishpond landing pages, they can be easily made to work on such platforms as Facebook and Twitter too. Then it’s simple a matter of setting up the type of reward you want to give out to your contest winners. These can also turn into a great way to promote your business by offering extra entries for further actions. These could be anything from sharing on social media or getting friends to join 🙂 And again, A/B tests are available on here too.

I have actually used Wishpond to create a number of viral giveaways, and I was very pleased with the results. The only slight downside is that they don’t have any fraud detection built in. This is something you do see on some standalone products. This wasn’t a big deal for me though, it just meant I had to run any emails obtained through third party validation software. Easily done!

So, there you have it! I have covered most of the main parts of the Wishpond service. Oh, I forgot the email newsletters! Doh! To be honest, not much to say. Build with the awesome page builder I raved about earlier and send with the email autoresponder 🙂

Anything else to consider?

Now let’s go over some of the other great things Wishpond has to offer! Don’t worry, we are getting near the end now 🙂 Go grab another coffee!

Publishing Options

With whatever you want to make on Wishpond (apart from emails) you will want to publish them in some way. This can be done through a Wishpond page, a custom domain, Facebook page or onto just about anywhere with an embed code.

I have personally used the Wishpond page options for my landing pages, which have been fast and responsive. I have added a custom domain, which was easy too as my domain host had a template I could use especially for setting up Wishpond. I will confess I have never tried using the Facebook option though! I can only do so much 🙂 Below is a GT Metrix speed test I did on one of my Wishpond hosted landing pages. Pretty solid result in my eyes.


One of my favourite features of Wishpond is actually the analytics you get for all of the different things you create. For example, below you will see the analytics page for one of my test landing pages. It quickly shows you how many people have viewed your page, as well as any conversion tracking you have set up for buttons and forms on that page. I love watching my conversion rate % on this page! Maybe too much!

More than this, I love that you can make a popup or welcome email for this page right there on the analytics page. What a great idea, to seamlessly integrate all the different parts of Wishpond. You can export leads here too.


You can use Wishpond to collect lead through the service if you would like. Or import leads you already have. To be clear, you can also integrate or embed email collection forms from third party services if you would rather.


I have to say I am a big fan of the support offered by Wishpond. The help pages on offer are excellent, and as you are navigating around videos pop up from time to time to guide you through a process for the first time. When creating certain pages, a live chat widget will pop up asking if you need help. I never felt lost when using this platform. The only slight thing I would say is that the response time for the live chat was sometimes a bit on the slow side. But this could be because I am in an Asian timezone.


A small thing, but important all the same. As you use Wishpond you will probably end up in a sea of projects 🙂 The good thing is they have a folder system to help you store different types of projects.


Wishpond have an impressive list of integrations at the time of writing. 12 third party email services are included in this, with heavy hitters Aweber and ActiveCampaign among them! You will also find Shopify, Stripe, Slack and Salesforce there ready to natively integrate. This makes the process of using Wishpond alongside other services very easy.

So, Should you Buy Wishpond?

This is the million dollar question, isn’t it! As you can probably tell, I have enjoyed my time using Wishpond. It has made my life so much easier when it comes to online business. It’s great having so many great tools under one roof. But, does the price make it viable?

Wishpond starts at $49 a month for the basic account. I call this the basic account, but it does have all the main things included. You just miss out on such luxuries as A/B testing (for example). Go up to $99 a month and you get that too, along with an increase to 2500 leads that can be stored in the service. Finally, for $199 a month you get ‘first in line’ support, 10,000 leads and ‘free implementation coaching’. Of course, this price will keep going up the more leads you add.

Let’s compare that to what you would pay for a similar set of tools:

Aweber Email Autoresponder (10,000 leads) $69 a month.

Woorise Viral Giveaway Platform – $44 a month (they price in Euros for some reason!)

Unbounce Landing Page Builder (launch plan) – $80 a month.

Popupsmart Popup Builder – $29 a month.

Thats already at $222 a month. And some of those accounts have limitations not in place at Wishpond. For example, Popupsmart is limiting you to 100,000 pageviews a month whereas the only limiting factor in Wishpond is the amount of leads. And if you are smart to export out leads you won’t have any worries anyway 🙂 That Unbounce account is also limiting you to 20,000 visitors, 1 connected domain and 500 conversions.

So not only do you have all your marketing tools in one place, but you also have them at a very competitive price. I like the fact that all my marketing can be done under one service, and I don’t have to keep logging in and out of each service. It also makes it easier to use all these different elements together.

And I hear some people saying that Wishpond is the Jack of all trades and master of none. I personally think they have done amazingly well for operating so many tools. To me, they are all top notch apart from a few minor features mentioned before. A visual builder for email and fraud detection for viral contests would be great, but I am willing to forfeit that for an all in one service.

Wishpond’s tagline is “Marketing made simple” I tend to agree. I see myself using their service for the foreseeable future, that’s for sure!

If you are interested in Wishpond after reading my review, simply click HERE to go over to their official website and see for yourself.

Thank you for reading our Wishpond Review, we hope this helped you decide if it is the marketing tool for you 🙂

Disclaimer: My reviews are always full and honest. Yes, they may have affiliate links in where I can earn a small commission, but this never influences my rating. I want you to trust and come back to my reviews!